Your #FringeConfessions: Part One

It is very touching to see all of the tweets under the #FringeConfessions tag on Twitter. It goes to show that Fringe is an inspiration and a positive force for many viewers. For those that believe in the power of … Continue reading

#FringeConfessions: It’s More Than “Just a TV Show”

How many times have you heard from the non-Fringed, “Why do you talk about Fringe so much? It’s just a TV show…” I know that I have heard it plenty of times, from people that have their own obsessions that … Continue reading

#FringeIsALoveStory Contest Winners!!

  Happy Fringe(less) Friday! Only three more weeks… We’re thrilled to announce the winners in our recent #FringeIsALoveStory contest! You guys certainly didn’t make it easy  – there were so many wonderful submissions, in some cases it was an extremely … Continue reading

Fringe Is A Love Story: Fun Valentine’s Week Contest for Art, Video and Writing.

  It is often difficult to answer the question often posed by those that have never seen Fringe – “What’s it about?” Fringe is so many wonderful things, that a few minutes to explain just doesn’t do it justice. This … Continue reading

#AstridWeek Fringe Fun!

  We asked fans to tell us about their favorite Astrid moments, why they love the character, and about any crazy fan-theories they may have about her. Here are some excellent responses! Remember that Astrid and her Kick-Astrid counterpart are … Continue reading

Where is Peter Bishop? A love letter from the fans to the show

Feels like I’ve been saying it for weeks, but Fringe fandom is truly something special. I’ve seen fandoms before, I’ve been a part of them, and they can be wonderful and exhilarating in a way that’s wholly unique to sharing … Continue reading