Seven Suns Rising: It’s the End of the World As We Know it — 27 Comments

  1. “It’s a shame you got left behind
    follow the sound”, (from Last Man in Space)
    seems like what Roscoe was playing in Walter’s lab.

  2. Yeah, he was playing a slower, sadder version of Last Man in Space. That whole verse makes me think of Bobby as much as it does anyone else. “It’s a shame you got left behind, follow the sound….it’s a shame you had to leave me here, I don’t want to die…”

    Poor kid got dragged forwards in time to speak with his father, passing the sound of his dad’s music to reach a point in time where the music was effectively dead, and ended up (at least briefly) reviving the music – only to be returned to a place in time where he was doomed to die. Left there by a bald stranger to meet his fate alone.
    Soo sad.

  3. This might be coincidental but Seven Suns (rising) is 5:02 min. long well Seven Suns (Setting) is 4:02, a minuet difference so I waited until the 1min. mark of Rising and then played Setting over it and towards the middle they sort of become in sync in an odd way. I would check it out…

  4. @Amelia, I will try that! I haven’t had much chance lately to play with the tracks, but as soon as I do, I’ll give it a try.
    @Isack and Mistrust – That’s certainly another possibility, as is “shaken way down low”. It’s frustrating to not be able to tell!

  5. Wait, I listened to Slow Vibration a thousand times after that comment… I think @Isakender may be right.

    And about “Keep climbing”, I’m thinking it may refer to the cortexiphan children. Just pay attention to the lyrics – it does remind me of their condition, and how they don’t care about “the master plan”, Bell’s and Walter’s idea of preparing them to a “war” against another universe. Anyway, just a thought…

  6. Ooo, Mistrust , I like that! And I’ve pretty much decided y’all are right – it’s “shake it to.” I’ll change it.

    @aatokirsa All links posted have to be approved by me. If they’re Fringe related, I’ll allow them of course, but no one here gives a shit about your travel discounts and handbags. Give it up and crawl back under whatever rock you spammers live under.

  7. Another thought: “Last Man in Space”. Sounds like a dreadful future for Peter, don’t you think? My guess is that it’s about his “mission” with the Machine and all, but the lyrics are very ambiguous to me. “It’s a shame you had to leave me here, I don’t want to die, it’s a shame at the end of time, TO LEAVE MY ONLY WORLD BEHIND”.

    I can picture him and his fate SO MUCH on this song! Of course, I’m not talking about that crap Sam Weiss said on “Concentrate And Ask Again”, because, well, A DEMON’S TWIST RUSTS. I’m talking in a general level, because one way or another, whoever is right, well, that Machine has imprinted on the back: “MADE FOR DOOM’S DAY”.

  8. And by the way, do you happen to know how many copies are there of Seven Suns? Or at least, how many were FOUND? Because I’m thinking that since each copy is unique… well, MAYBE Greenmana is featured only in a few of them, or even just ONE.

    Just a theory…

  9. A couple observations, now that we’ve seen the finale of S3.

    First someone on the forum noticed this:
    “When my blood begins to freeze
    at 98.6 degrees”

    Someone in the fringe forum clues and easter eggs noticed when Peter wakes up in the hospital, his temperature is 98.5 degrees in “The last Sam Weiss”. Could be nothing, because 98.6 degrees is normal body temperature, but why show it to us in the scene if that’s the case right?

    That made me look at the song a bit more and this verse stood out to me:
    “I looked inside in search of me
    and found a forest in a tree
    they tried their best to cut me down
    and sell my branches by the pound”

    It stood out to me because if you look at a lot of later season 3 episodes you’ll see scenes with Peter standing in front of or in rooms with trees, and I kept wondering why. At first I was thinking it was the obvious baby-gate plot and family and whatever, but what if the trees are hinting at Peter representing the branches of possibility and the potential timelines? The cutting down and selling my branches by the pound are people attempts to change or eradicate the possible timelines that Peter might choose?

    I really hope we don’t see a 500 year old Peter in S4!

    Thanks so much for the super interesting and informative post!!!

  10. About she’s doing fine, I thought the lyrics here:
    “she’ll commute in style down the waterslide”
    were actually this:
    “sitting indian style down the waterslide”

    Indian style being the cross-legged pose that can be used mediation, yoga, wherever.

    We know she usually is laying down in the tank, so this could be wrong, but I think the words fit better.

  11. Hey g33k!

    Sorry it’s been so long! It could very well be “indian style”. 🙂
    Someday I really hope we get some official lyrics and notes and stuff. There’s still a bunch of hidden voices and things under the tracks that I just don’t know how to isolate and figure out what they’re saying…

    I thought (in hindsight) that the “branches by the pound” line must refer to Brandonate’s ubercreepy idea of cutting out parts of Olivia and substituting equivalent mass so he could keep her bits for study. Ugh.

    Man I hope we don’t see a 500 years in the future Peter. That’s only a few steps away turning him into a giant omniscient worm and that’s where I tend to lose interest…. XD

  12. Okay, just now listening to the album. SO GOOD! I agree, I’d love this record even if it weren’t connected to Fringe.

    Right now I’m hooked on Slow Vibration. Have some theories that it might be about Peter and his part in the timeline(s) and his connection to the machine and to Olivia. Just speculation (and probably to do with the fact I just finished S3 – and am emotionally drained from “The Day We Died”), and will write more about it after a few more listens to the entire album.

    Thanks for the lyrics!!

  13. Also, in Slow Vibration, it sounds like the lyric is “You could be a role play gamer or a school librarian…” 🙂

  14. Well, it’s weird that nobody’s written that yet, maybe this page no longer renews (a pity I haven’t found this article before), but still I guess I’ll try)))
    Last Man in Space. After the finale of the 3rd season it just stroke me that this song can actually be about 3.22 The Day We Died. Every single line of this song makes me feel like I’m watching this episode over, and I just can’t think of anything else)
    “Little lost world final mission” – about Peter in the Machine aiming to destroy the other universe in order to save ours OR about Peter and the whole Fringe division from the future (year 2026 – where Peter arrives after getting in the Machine), desperately and unsuccessfull trying to amber the vortex.
    “eighteen light years in position now” – at first the line confused me, as it has been mentioned in 3.22 that it had passed 15 years since Peter got in the Machine and destroyed the other universe. But it makes sense if you count them from 2008 – the very begginning of the Fringe events.
    “thinking bout you you’re so much older now” – obviously about older Olivia from 2026.
    The lines “It’s a shame you got left behind follow the sound” and “it’s a shame you had to leave me here I don’t want to die” make me think of Olivia’s death in 2026.
    “it’s a shame at the end of time to leave my only world behind” – this may refer either to Olivia dying in 2026 or to Peter, disappearing from the two universes at the end of the episode.
    “I guess it all ends here like it started” – tricky one) reminds me of all the things Walter was explaing to Peter about the parts of the machine he’d thrown in the wormhole and the choices, well, I didn’t understand much from there, it’s just way too complex and confusing, but for me it feels suitable)
    “at the end of this endless road I will pull the trigger on this violent payload now cause when the whole thing’s gone without a trace I’ll be the last man in space” – this is definitely about Peter and the Machine, his aim to destroy another universe, cause as we know both universes can’t exist without each other, and if one will be destroyed the other will be either. I only don’t get the meaning of “I’ll be the last man in space” – has it something to do with where Peter disappeared?..

  15. And something else) Was trying to find that apple-glyph in the album cover where you’ve shown, failed) but suprisingly found something different there – at the right side of that dot in the marked area there seems to be a face, left part of the face, even more like a mask (a Buddha mask from 3.18?), it’s small but the lines look so clear…
    Btw, I was just wondering, if this album was said to be released somewhere in 2009 (i might be mistaken), and it turns out that the songs in it reflect the plot until the end of the 3rd season, that means that when the songs were written and recorded, even back then they had plans for the plot till now! How many seasons are there else already planned by Abrams?)

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  17. I have a theory about the Keep Climbing. Mind you I always sucked at analyzing texts so it might have the precise opposite meaning or make no sense whatsoever.

    I believe this is a song about entering Fringe Division.
    “Keep climbing higher and higher” is a quite good analogy for Fringe Division. You have to just continue with this weird stuff. It just goes on and on and gets weirder and weirder.

    “I looked inside in search of me
    and found a forest in a tree
    they tried their best to cut me down
    and sell my branches by the pound”

    I think this is about life for Olivia, Walter and Peter before Fringe Division. They did on know exactly who they were (I looked inside in search of me) but they thought they were capable of more then they did at present (and found a forest in a tree)
    The world did not see it this way, the worlds look at them was somewhat one dimensional (they tried their best to cut me down) and they were seen as maybe common or not really worth much (and sell my branches by the pound)
    Really meaning They were FRINGE, not fitting in and not reaching their potential.

    “You’re not alone
    you’re not the only one
    to float upon the ocean as the moon becomes the sun”

    (to float upon the ocean as the moon becomes the sun) I take this as meaning how it feels to enter fringe division. You are set afloat in a ocean of things you don’t understand (the world of Fringe). And the understanding of the world (the sun) has suddenly changed and you found yourself changing your orientation towards a different truth (the moon)
    Funny thou you find that here in this strange world, you are not alone anymore because here is the rest of the fringe team.

    “When my blood begins to freeze
    at 98.6 degrees
    I throw away the master plan
    to run much faster than I can”

    So Fringe Devision is a pretty scary place that makes your (blood freeze) but all you can really do is go with it (I throw away the master plan) and preform like the superhuman that you must be (to run much faster than I can).

    “You don’t need me
    you don’t need anyone
    to feed on your emotions as the moon becomes the sun”

    I don’t know exactly what the meaning of this is. Maybe that its important that no one drags you down because there is enough to deal with. Or maybe that you have to find out what this means to you yourself.

    Anyway does it make sense?

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