Not Nielsen: How to Overcome Invisibility — 15 Comments

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  2. Those are all great suggestions! I’ve been to a lot of the Fringe pages on FB, – everyone wants to support Fringe, but these are the first concrete ideas I’ve seen.

    And you’re right – we do it because we love the show, and it’s FUN! I’ve made so many new friends in the Fringedom!

    Please put this out on Facebook, too. And thanks for being a leader among the ‘rabid Fringe Fans’!

    I too have a Fringe-mobile and drive it proudly. I’ve recruited everyone at work. For Halloween, I’m wearing my Fringe t-shirt to work, I’ve made a tinfoil hat with glyphs on it. Where ever I post I try to be positive and encourage everyone to watch live. I don’t do twitter and facebook but am on every site I can think of spreading the word.
    Fringe Rocks! and it needs to stay.

  4. Everyone that can join Project FOX should. Twice this year already there have been surveys about previous Fringe episodes — asking viewers how often they watch, whether it’s Live/DVR/etc, whether they in-fact like this season, the characters, etc. I think it’s a great way to show FOX that we like the show without being a nielsen household.

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