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  1. Hi Annie, Aimee, and Kelly… ANYTHING that our community over at Google+ can do to help please please please let us know! FOX has official pages at G+ for the majority of their shows – EXCEPT Fringe. That’s just awful, so we decided to start our own page and begin bringing the G+ Fringe Fans together. We are growing very quickly and I expect we will have 600 followers by the end of the week! There are 3 of us that manage the page (Harris, Claudia and myself Henry). If any of you guys are active on Google+ we would love to have you as a manager as well… Google is now including Google+ posts/pages as part of its search results. What does that mean exactly? Well if you go to and enter FRINGE, you should see not only our +Fringe Circle page at the top right but also Claudia and myself. Google is calling this “Search, plus Your World” and it is going to change everything we know about Search Engine Optimization.

    Anyway, I could go on and on but please feel free to contact me on Twitter (@hanko9) or Google+ and we will discuss all this more.

    We can and we WILL “Save Fringe!”

    • Hank, I have a google + account, but I’m so overwhelmed with other social media venues, I just haven’t spent much time with it. It seems a bit more interesting than when it first started, so I joined the Circle πŸ˜€

  2. Awesome! I’ll be keeping an eye on the forums for the changes, and join in when that’s all settled. Looking forward to hopefully contributing more to the fandom πŸ˜€


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  6. Well done! You all do SO much to promote quality TV through social media. You’re what’s kept the show on THIS long! I’m proud to be part of the community.

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