It’s A Matter of Perspective: Fringe Twitter Campaign for 4.10 — 20 Comments

  1. I love these hashtag campaigns but I’d rather stick to the name of the episode each week as it gets more attention from those who count (like fox). The producers even reacted to it. Besides ‘Forced Perspective’ might get the public trending it as opposed to ‘Observe it Live’. But great work from all concerned nonetheless!

    • You are welcomed to use the hash tag of your choice. The hash tag that Fringenuity supports is #ObserveItLive. We try to keep the # different from the title as an element of surprise. We pick the # not only for its ability to solely get Fringies to trend but for its potential to get other tweeters (i.e. general public) to use it as well. The producers reacted to it because they are aware of the campaigns and not because the # is the title. This week, Observe It Live is both a reference to Observers but also a message to get viewers to “Watch Fringe Live”. The more UNIQUE tweeters that use the #, the more likely our ability to trend (and trend longer) – see tip #3 of the post. @FringeOnFox is also aware of the # being trended via tweets and getglue check-ins. We hope we are catching their attention as well. Please rest assured that # suggestions are well researched. Our intent is to create successful campaigns and using social media research to do so. We hope you will continue to join our campaigns.

  2. I think one tweet should use one hashtag for #ObserveItLive and another tweet using one hashtag for #ForcedPerspective, and try to get both trending at the same time!

    • Recent experience has shown us that it is better to focus on one # for the campaigns. We do not deter others from using other #s but feel a focused approach is the way. We have to reach an international audience of fans and coordinate efforts on multiple social media platforms. Twitter looks at key words as well so who is to say we won’t get other Fringie words trending if we add them in the body of our tweets? 🙂 We continue to look at data and different options to ensure campaigns remain successful. Currently, we are not actively seeking a dual # approach but will evaluate new data and information as we collect how our campaigns are received. The end game is not just about getting a # to trend but to get enough social impressions out of the trend to catch the network’s and studio’s interest and attention. We hope you are having fun joining us in these ventures and will continue to explore new ideas we have in the works.

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