Fringe 4.14 Review/Analysis: You Want Answers? Be Careful What You Wish For, Sweetheart — 9 Comments

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  3. A~freaking~MEN!!! I totally concur with everything you said & I had said since the beginning of this season that I definitely thought that something will turn out like the Peck incident. Also, you forgot to mention in that White Tulip episode the comments Peter made about deja vu & how he had never had it & when you do, it means your inline with your destiny where you belong….he said he felt deja vu this season….remember?

  4. Thank you for your great thoughts. I had forgot that for Peter, everything is about going home. It happens quite a lot when I think about. As he said in “welcome to Westfield” Olivia is his home. I agree with you that Peter has develop quite a lot, and I hope Olivia will live somehow.

  5. I realise I’m in the complete minority here, but I just can’t believe that this timeline is where Peter is meant to be. This Olivia may or may not be his Olivia, but this Walter is most definitely not his Walter. So much has been about Peter and Walter’s relationship that it doesn’t seem right that Peter is meant to be in a reality where Walter doesn’t accept him as his son.

    • I think Walter has been changing as well. He’s been warming up to Peter. Making mixed drinks in the lab. Coming to the Bishop house to offer his help. Making crepes for dinner and wanting to share them with Peter. Showing concern when Peter wanted to enter September’s mind. This Walter is not the same as when he first was introduced to Peter in Novation.

      And the flip-side to this time-line is that Walternate was more accepting of Peter from the get-go.

      I do hope there is a bit more about Walter in the next episodes.

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