Twitter Event: Where You Belong 03/23/12 – Watching #Fringe Live! — 15 Comments

  1. So, that I don’t get the time wrong (I’m in the UK) can I just check the time differences? 8pm EST is 1am GMT but I think that the US is on daylight saving time at the moment, but the UK doesn’t switch until the end of the month. Therefore 8pm actually becomes midnight. Can anyone with better maths skills than me confirm? Thanks

    • Sophie, if you ‘spring’ forward on March 30th, and we went forward last weekend then this means you would only be 4 hours ahead of us in the EST. Which means 8pm here would be 12midnight in the UK.

  2. I notice that you select the comments posted by Fringe fans. It’s not cool. I don’t write for anything in general! 🙁

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