#FringeFanFriday Fanfiction: “Thirty Days” by DixieGirl256 Part II (Updated 5/31) — 35 Comments

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  2. Love this story, biting my nails to find out what will happen next!! Please Peter don’t be stupid by leaving your family!!! 😉

  3. Thanks, y’all, for reading. Next chapter goes up tomorrow… All I’ll say is “Like father, like son…” Hope you enjoy it!

  4. Really good Dixie, like really, really good. Love the connection to some of the S5 things (tunnels!). And Peter high…awesome…sorry but true!

    • JaniceLG – thanks for reading, glad you enjoyed it! I hope it fits with Season 5 – ‘the next day’ that Joel talked about. Thanks for the comment and I hope you’ll keep reading!

  5. Really loving this story. Can’t wait to read the rest. I’m just reading the Bishop Paradox (Novel #1) and between your wonderful story and the “Paradox” I couldn’t be happier.

  6. Thanks, Scully8! Glad you’re enjoying it! I haven’t received my copy yet, you’ll have to give us a review!

  7. Lynn …. i just love the moments between Peter and Etta. Just so beautiful. In fact the story so far ….is all beautiful. Ive said this before …. but this should be a movie …. a #Fringe movie. Its PERFECT!

    • Thanks, sweetie! Couldn’t ask for higher praise, especially coming from you – so glad you’re enjoying it!

  8. Aww Dixie,i cannot begin to tell you how much i enjoyed 30 Days, i didn’t want it to end!!!! I loved being able to see the relationship between Peter and Olivia without having to worry about the Observers. The only drawback for me is it ended to soon,ha! I hope somewhere down the road there will be another chapter to the Bishops saga! Beautifully written,thank you!

    • Laura – thanks so much for reading and reviewing! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. One of the most significant messages I took from Fringe was to always have hope, and I wanted to show that in this story. I wanted to fulfill Joel’s wish that we’d imagine the characters living on… and I wanted a happy ending! “Thirty Days” is at an end… but I hope it won’t be MY last Fringe story! Thanks again for reading and leaving such a kind note!

  9. Beautiful story with a beautiful ending! This just helped me imagine their story continuing. I will always miss Fringe but having stories like this will ease that pain! Thank You!

    • Annette – thanks for reading and reviewing! I’m so glad you enjoyed it and I’m glad it helps keep Fringe going for you!

  10. Great ending ! Thank you for continuing the story, giving us just a little more, helping to ease the pain of losing Fringe. With that said, your story demonstrated how much of the Fringe story is left to tell. I sure hope you have another story up your sleeve. Thanks!

  11. Scully8 – thanks so much for your note! I’m glad you enjoyed Thirty Days. I appreciate you reading, and I agree… there’s so much more to tell. As a matter of fact….. I’m already working on my next story! Thanks again for reading!

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