Enemies of Fate

And here we are, on this final day.

There are so many things I want to say…so much love, and gratitude, and wonder associated with this whole experience, I don’t even know where to begin. I can tell you that a little more than a year ago this outcome (whatever it may prove to be tonight) was my secret dream, but that I didn’t really dare to believe in it. We thought we’d try; that even if #CrossTheLine, and other ideas turned out to be spectacular failures, that at least we’d done something to try and help, and that even if the whole internet laughed at us (or more likely ignored us completely), that we’d be able to face the end knowing that we at least tried.

We never expected this…

My words are all trying to come out through my tear ducts instead of my fingers, so I’ll just quote Josh from this morning’s conference call:

“The community of Fringe became totally self-supporting, and I think that’s actually one of the more…you know if you talk about Fringe not just as a narrative experience onscreen – I think one of the more interesting things that’s come out of it is that community built around the show, and how powerful that can be in tipping the scales toward the show’s surviving or failing. Because you know by traditional metrics our show would have been off the air at least last year, but probably two years ago. Except the passion of our fan base made it impossible for our show to be dismissed, in maybe the way that even ten years ago science fiction shows quite often were lost. So I think the fan base, and the passion of the fan base, is a large part of the story of the show, Fringe.”

That’s what you are, what we are: an epic, beautiful fairy tale become reality. In a world where the good guys rarely win, where despair and apathy are so often an unchallenged part of the landscape of life, the Fringedom is a living testament to the power of love, and hope, and community. When we first started these campaigns, I hoped, we all did, but I don’t think any of us really believed we’d accomplish anything.

For us, and for so many others, you guys have changed that forever. I’ve learned things about myself, about persistence, and about hope, that will sustain my faith for years to come. Whenever I start to doubt the power of the individual, all I’ll have to do is look back at this day, these times, my friends.

Fringe was always special, that’s what drew us to it in the first place. But its fans made it magnificent, and our show will go down in television history as “the little show that shouldn’t have, but did.” We became part of the fabric of the show, creating our own story woven around a skein of scripts. Fringe will always be special, and so will its fans. So will you. Every one of you who tweeted, schemed, promoted, created, and fought, will always be a part of the unlikely story of the show that succeeded in brand new terms, the history of the impossible come to life.

“Impossible:” you guys have made me reevaluate the meaning of that word. Whatever happens tonight, remember that. Remember that you’ve been part of something beautiful, a chapter in an endless shining volume of hope. Take that with you after tonight, and look to it whenever you doubt your abilities. #KeepLookingUp: You’ll never see the possibilities if you don’t look for them. You taught me that, and I will never forget.

Today has been so full of emotion for all of us, I know there have been many tears shed already, least of all mine while writing this. So let there be tears, there should be. Tears of sadness if that’s what’s the final chapter holds, but also tears of triumph, and joy, and love, because this ending is so very rare in its completeness, and you have been an integral part of it.

Thank you Fringe, for teaching me these lessons. I love you all so much.



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