Social Fringe Fans: Shaping the Future of Television Viewing, Marketing and Interaction — 17 Comments

  1. Very interesting article Aimee. And you are right ….. no matter what the fate of Fringe is, Fringe fans worldwide have participated in something that may well see a change in how tv ratings are counted. How tv viewership is seen. We should be very proud of that. Our social media campaign may be the very thing that keeps quality, low rating shows alive.

  2. While I know that viewers with less disposable income or fewer consumeristic habits aren’t as valuable to networks (especially in ad-based revenue models)… I don’t think we should be discounted.

    I hate to be cheap, and I believe in financially supporting the show when possible, but I can’t afford a DVR. I really can’t. I won’t be spending my money on a smartphone anytime soon. I DO have a computer, though, so I can check into sites and go on Twitter, but it means having to be near my computer, not just busting out my phone.

    It really isn’t that easy to watch Fringe if you miss an episode. Here are the options:
    -Buy on iTunes. I’ve done this, and it’s great that the options there. But I plan on buying the DVDs when they come out. So it’s a pain to buy episodes twice.
    -Stream unofficially. I’ve done this, too. And I didn’t like that my views weren’t going to the right places–that I wasn’t supporting the show. But after spending money on the DVDs and staying in on most Fridays, I don’t feel bad about trying to catch up before I fall behind.

    I really wish I could watch it on or BEFORE the next episode airs. I think this is so silly for a serialized show not to give a legal and profitable option for those that miss on a Friday.

    I just want to point out that a DVR sounds easy enough…but not everyone can afford it or chooses to spend their money on it. Obviously these people aren’t likely to be as seduced by ads anyway, but they may have SOME disposable income to buy on stuff that’s advertised. Or buy the DVDs. Or iTunes.

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