Enemies of Fate

And here we are, on this final day. There are so many things I want to say…so much love, and gratitude, and wonder associated with this whole experience, I don’t even know where to begin. I can tell you that … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Emma!!

Biggest, bestest Birthday wishes to one of our own! In case anyone was unaware (how’s the weather in that cave?), Emma (@dalliel) is an integral part of Fringenuity operations, and single-handedly organized the stunningly successful Fringe Event in Vancouver. She’s … Continue reading


As we know, Emmy nominations were announced today. *sigh* No love for Fringe, again… But what do Cortexifans do in situations like this? We get creative! Inspired by today’s “scandalous” events, fan Donna Hazel (@oconnellaboo) wrote a cool piece of … Continue reading

Happy Birthday More Than One of Everything!!

More Than One of Everything turned 1 today. On this day, we’ve broken the record for most users ever online, and almost finished this shiny new thing we’ve been working on. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who’s read, … Continue reading