Random Acts coins: Final Report

All things must end, and the time has come to officially wrap up the Random Acts challenge coin fundraiser. It’s been a long project, much longer than originally intended. Phase I launched a little less than two years ago, a delayed delivery on a promise we made to Fringe fans almost two years before that – before we lost Aimee. This project was always about remembrance: of the things we accomplished as a fandom, of the losses we suffered, and of the bonds that will always remain. In spite of some lengthy delays, I think this fundraiser has honored them all. Aimee especially would have loved Random Acts, and I know she’d be very proud of the final result.

Which, without further nostalgia, is:

Final Project total: $2,800.00.
Full Project Run time: 12/30/2014 – 11/23/2016.

Since it’s been a while and the project had to be parsed out into a few different phases, here’s a short refresher for those of us who don’t remember that far back:

Initial run (Phase I): An incredible $2,010.00 raised! Concluded 02/24/15.

Wait List orders: $375.54 raised! Exactly enough to fund one final printing. Random Acts was very generous with their trust in allowing me to hang onto this for several months before launching Phase II.

Phase II (silver this time): Another $600.00 raised! Initial donation made 01/11/16. And that was the last report…

Since then, I’ve been even more involved with CSTS, and I have to admit this year got away from me a little bit. Coin sales also dropped to almost zero, with only a couple of orders all year after the initial rush. With everything else going on, it was easy to let this linger on the back burner until things slowed down. Now that they have, I’ve officially wrapped up the project with a final donation of $190.00. Here’s the rundown for all of Phase II, for anyone interested in the details:

$375.54 Wait List sales
$892.50 Phase II gross sales
$245.95 charged for shipping
$118.26 sponsorships and donations

Expenses and donations:
$50.64 PayPal fees
$375.00 coin order
$376.08 shipping
$40.53 shipping supplies
$600.00 Random Acts donation 01/11/16
$190.00 FINAL Random Acts donation 11/23/16

As you can see, we lost some money on shipping this time around. New policy (or simply a new cashier) wouldn’t allow the same shipping method used the first time, and we got hit pretty hard on international postage for Phase II. I covered as much as I could, but couldn’t afford the entire shortfall. My sincere apologies for the mistake, to Random Acts and to all of you.

But I still think we did very well! Once again, I’m proud and humbled to be part of this amazingly generous fandom. This officially concludes the Random Acts challenge coin project. However, there are still a few coins left. If anyone else would like to order, please drop me a line at fringenuity@gmail.com and I’ll be happy to help you. Any future sales will be donated immediately to Random Acts, no more waiting around.  😉

You can contribute to Random Acts at any time through independent donation, or get help making the world a kinder place with a project of your very own. Or, for the weird, the brave, and the ever-so-slightly insane – consider participating in Gishwhes in 2017. I promise you’ll be glad you did. Where else can you play underwater egg yolk ping-pong* for a good cause?

And for the Firefly fans out there, if you’ve never heard of Can’t Stop the Serenity, please check it out! CSTS hosts screenings of Serenity for another awesome cause in cities across the world each year – come misbehave with us! Both these fandoms have done the impossible, but I think it’s the good works that make us mighty.

As always, thank you so much for your support!

*I couldn’t find our actual submission, so here are some others for your edification. For the record, ping pong tables FLOAT.




Coin update: phase II

We’re running a little behind schedule due to my other charity obligations and a busy season for the minting company, but the order has been placed and the coins are in production! Along with the placement of the order, another $600.00 has been donated to Random Acts, bringing the project total so far to an incredible $2,610.00. Once all orders have shipped, anything left over will also be donated, along with any funds raised from further sales in the meantime. Coins will remain available on this site until they’re sold out, or until I need to start using the account for CSTS funds – sometime this spring. After the second donation, any future proceeds will be donated on a monthly basis.

Now that production has started, it can take up to four weeks for printing. They don’t usually take that long however, and I’m hoping to have them in hand by the end of the month. I’ll update again and start shipping as soon as they arrive.

There are less than 40 coins left available from this final run, and then they’ll be gone forever! Thank you all for your support of Random Acts through Fringenuity!


coin order_donation proof 01-11-16


Fringenuity coins are available again!

They’re back!

Early this year, Fringenuity made good on a long standing promise to offer a fan edition of the commemorative coins sent to Fringe’s cast and crew during the show’s final weeks of filming. That first run of charity coins was as popular among those who ordered them as the originals were among those who received them, and when the last few sold out, the wait list kept growing. So I made another promise, to make them available one last time when my other charity duties wrapped up for the year.

Due to unforeseen website issues it’s quite a bit later than I’d planned, but here they are at last! This final mint will be finished in matte silver, distinguishing it from both the original crew coins and the previous fan edition. This will be the final printing for this design. There will never be another show like Fringe, and there will never be another coin like this. In a few weeks they’ll be gone forever – don’t miss your last chance, pre-order today!!

This is a not-for-profit venture. The coins serve two purposes: making fans happy, and making the world a brighter place. All proceeds go to support Random Acts in their mission to conquer the world one act of kindness at a time. Please visit their website for inspiration on simple ways to make a difference in your community.

Coins will remain available for pre-order until December 31st. Once the order has been placed with the minting company, any unsold coins will remain available on a first-come-first-served basis until they’re all gone.

If you’d like to make a sponsorship donation to provide a coin for someone who can’t purchase one, you may do so through the donate button to your left, just please note the purpose of your donation. You may also make a general donation here, to be included with the rest of the funds when the project is over, or directly to Random Acts through their website. Or you can just find a way to be randomly kind to someone; to me, that’s really what it’s all about.

As always, thank you for your support of Fringenuity and Random Acts!

A second run for Fringenuity coins

The Fringenuity commemorative coin project was very successful, raising over $2000 for Random Acts and putting smiles on scores of faces. After allowing the people on the wait list an opportunity to place their orders, the initial run of 200 coins is completely sold out and I’m still receiving inquiries. After some consideration, I’ve decided to use the funds raised through the wait list to finance a second run of coins.


I need to turn my full attention to my other charity endeavors* for the next several months. There will be a second printing of at least 100 coins, but I won’t have time to administrate the project until my CSTS event is done in September. Sometime in October, I’ll be ready to tackle this a second time. Until then, I invite those interested to sign up for the newsletter to your left to be informed when coins become available again. 

Although I do have some other design ideas I may pursue, this will be the final printing for these coins. There will be no wait list this time, but there will be a pre-order period before the final order is placed. Once the order has been placed, remaining coins will be available on a first-come-first-served basis until they’re all gone. And since the cost of the printing is already covered, 100% of proceeds made this fall will go directly to Random Acts.

International people: there is a possibility I may need to raise your shipping cost a little when we return. Everything was fine with the first round of shipments, but with the wait list coins I had a different person, who insisted they had to be shipped using a different classification. The difference came out to an average of $3.00 per package, so you’ll probably be looking at a shipping cost of around $10.00. When sales resume, the coins themselves will remain priced at $15.00.

If you know anyone who missed out on the first run, now is the time to let them know that they have another chance. See you in the fall!

*Can’t Stop the Serenity – Browncoats/Firefly fans, if you’re not already aware of this, do yourselves a favor and check it out! Charity screenings of Serenity take place all over the world each summer for a fantastic cause. New cities are being added all the time, look for one near you!

Random Acts fundraiser report (and hope for those who missed out!)

That went well. I mean insanely, magnificently, fantastically well!

Fringe coins for Random Acts

All of the orders have now been processed and shipped. Most Americans already have theirs, and Internationals should start getting theirs next week. Tracking information has been provided where available but most of those international orders have to fly on faith, as tracking would have been quite a bit more expensive.

If you’re just now hearing about the project and want to buy a coin, hold tight, we’ll talk about the next step after the project report.

So here’s how the project broke down, for anyone interested in the gritty details:

$2,280.00 gross sales
$669.50 charged for shipping
$352.00 sponsorships and donations

$135.62 PayPal fees
$660.00 production costs
$498.83 shipping and supplies

$2007.05 raised after all expenses paid


Once again, it’s been an honor and a privilege serving the Fringe fandom. To everyone saying thank you for making it happen: it’s my brand of joy to be able to make people happy while raising funds and awareness for such a wonderful cause. It’s an awesome niche to fit in and it really is my pleasure.

I already said some stuff about carrying the fire and paying it forward in that overly sappy letter that went out with the coins. So get out there and find someone to be kind to, every day. Kindness is as good for the giver as the receiver, and your heart will be lighter for every heart you touch.

Moving on…

As expected, the influx of tweets and photos of delivered coins has attracted a number of people who missed the order period and are keen to acquire a coin. Guys: don’t fret, it’s not over. Raising money for Random Acts was only half the project, making fans happy was the rest. There are still several coins available, but they’re on hold in case of lost mail for those who’ve already ordered. For now I’m going to start a wait list: to add your name, please email Fringenuity@gmail.com with “Wait list” as the subject line, and your desired quantity in the body. 

Once the first batch of shipments have all been delivered (let’s say 3-4 weeks to be sure), I’ll contact those on the wait list in order of their response – coins will be $15.00 + shipping. If there’s enough interest to cover a second run of 100 and still raise funds for the charity, I’ll consider it. (First run collectors, don’t worry; if we do another round, there will still be only 300 of these in the world. They’ll still be a lot rarer than the originals.)

For now though, I have this little box of coins, and this big idea of making the world a brighter place, so…

Let’s have a contest! 

Inspire me! Taking a page (sort of) from the Random Acts playbook, I have five coins available for five people who can send me a photo of you doing something kind for someone.* This needs to be something that requires a little effort; a picture of you petting your cat won’t do it, I trust you pet your cat anyway. It also doesn’t need to be expensive: raid your bookshelves and donate the gently used culls to an assisted living facility or shelter, make a care package for an under-appreciated teacher, or leave an encouraging note for a stranger. Make it a good experience for you as well as for whomever you choose to reach out to. Keep it legal and safe, and have fun. Winners will be randomly drawn on March 13th. Tweet your submission to @Fringenuity to enter.

Get creative. Get kind. Get going!


*If you’re allergic to cameras like I am, you don’t have to be in the photo. I just need evidence.  😉




Fringenuity coins have arrived!

Wow, that was fast!!

They’re here and they look pretty fine. They’ll start shipping Monday!


In case anyone missed the announcement, we raised at least $1800.00 for Random Acts! Once everything is shipped, any leftover funds will also be donated. Here’s proof of the donation:

Random Acts donation proof

Thank you all so much for your support!! We did a good thing, and once again I’m so proud to be a part of this fandom.












Kindness breeds kindness: coin sponsorships available

We’re drawing rapidly to the close of our Random Acts fundraiser, and once again you guys have surpassed my secret hopes for the project (I was hoping to reach $1000.)

Just like you’ve always done, since we first #CrossedTheLine together.

With a little over 48 hours to go, we’ve sold 122 coins and raised well over $1200 for Random Acts. There will of course be a full report once the order is placed with the minting company, but for now I have a special announcement:

Random Acts is right. Kindness does indeed breed kindness, and in the best possible iteration of the spirit of not only this project, but the Fringe fandom in general, we’ve found ourselves with 13 available sponsorships for any fan who’d like a coin but can’t afford one. 

These sponsorships are an unexpected but touching development instigated by the generosity of one fan. Her kindness inspired others to match it, so that no fan gets left out of this printing over such a banal thing as money. Anyone wishing to take up the offer may do so privately by sending a DM to @Fringenuity, @birdandbear, or emailing Fringenuity@gmail.com – all I need is a name and address. An announcement will be made if and when all sponsorships have been claimed.

Anyone wishing to offer a partial or full sponsorship, or just make an extra donation, may do so via the “Donate” button in the left column of this page. Anything not spent on coins or shipping will of course go directly to Random Acts.

Anyone seeking other ways to be kind, or with ideas of their own, please check out Random Acts’ website for inspiration and support. I’ve been running this fundraiser for a month, and just today discovered that there’s a very active RA group right here in DFW. It’s one of the sweetest causes I’ve ever seen, spreading hope and love from person to person on a face to face basis.

Kinda like the way the Fringe fandom rolls. ♥

Halfway there: coin fundraiser progress report

We’re nearly halfway through our pre-order period, with a little over two weeks to go. As promised, here’s the first full progress report:

Coins sold: 60
Gross: $1208.00
Charged for shipping: $308.00
PayPal fees: $38.64
Order minimum (100) $400

= at least $461.36 raised for Random Acts!!


This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase an extremely limited piece of fandom history memorializing Fringe and the fans who loved it, with all proceeds benefiting a truly awesome cause. Fringe fans made history with their tireless support of the show, even inciting the network to publicly support their efforts. This commemorative coin celebrates the thousands of fans who came together and worked to keep Fringe alive, as well as the show they fought for.

The redesigned fan edition will very likely be even rarer than the original lot (only 500 minted) sent to the cast and crew. There will never be another show like Fringe, and there will never be another coin like this. In less than three weeks they’ll be gone forever – don’t miss your chance, pre-order today!!

Full project details can be found here. All proceeds support Random Acts in their mission to conquer the world, one act of kindness at a time. I’ve added a donation button for anyone who’d like to lend additional support to this wonderful cause.

It is happening! Fringe coin reprints are here

“How far that little candle throws its beams! So shines a good deed in a naughty world.” – Portia, “The Merchant of Venice” – William Shakespeare

Whenever I think long enough on the Fringenuity campaigns, that quote inevitably comes to mind. While the campaigns weren’t so much about doing good deeds (at first) the mental image they conjure is one of pinpoints of light in the dark, flaring up one after another after another until there was a glow strong enough to push back that darkness and defeat it for a little while. Long enough to get a real ending for a deserving story, and long enough to teach us all what we could do together. While we fought for our show, we learned a lot about the power of community and commonality, and for a little while we burned brighter than anything I’ve ever seen. So today I want to talk about good deeds, and points of light, and happiness, and kindness, and individuals making a difference, because all of those things are part of our ethos, and they’re all converging into one awesome project.

In December of 2012, fans made a final gesture of love and gratitude to the cast and crew of Fringe as filming was wrapped for good. Those were the Ambergrams and many recipients expressed their appreciation. However, since the coins we’d had minted were all meant for cast/crew, we were unable to accommodate the numerous requests from fans to purchase one, and we promised that one day we’d mint another run for all those who loved and supported Fringe during its time.

It’s been a rough couple of years and it took awhile but now, as promised, it’s your turn. Here is the Fringenuity commemorative challenge coin – a redesign of the original coins, updated to include Fringenuity’s final hashtag as well as the indefatigable dandelion – the show’s final symbol of hope and renewal.

*This is as close as I know how to get to an accurate mockup. See better examples here and here.



As with previous Fringenuity projects, this is a not-for-profit venture. The coins serve two purposes: making fans happy, and making the world a brighter place. All proceeds will go to support Random Acts in their mission to conquer the world one act of kindness at a time. Their cause and belief in connecting people are natural kin to the ideas that made Fringenuity work; please visit their website for inspiration on simple ways to make a difference in your community – or if you just need a reminder that the world is at least as full of good as it is bad. Random Acts has made it their mission to spread kindness from one person to another, in the belief that “kindness breeds kindness.” If there’s anything Fringe fans should understand it’s the impact of individuals on the world around them, and the way light so easily leaps from one wick to another if we only allow it to.


Please keep reading, important details ahead:

The coins will be available for pre-order until January 31st. At that time, the order will be placed with the minting company, and the donation will be made to Random Acts once the coins start to ship. There is a minimum order quantity of 100 coins for a total cost of $400. Once the pre-order cutoff date is reached, I’ll place the order based on the quantity sold so far, allowing a very few extra for shipping snafus. The order receipt, donation receipt, and sales totals will be posted here for total transparency. This is a very limited opportunity to grab a cool piece of fandom history while raising funds for an amazing cause, so tell every Fringe fan you know, and pre-order yours today!

A note on shipping:

Fringenuity isn’t a business and this is not a store. While I do this kind of pre-ordering every year for CSTS t-shirts, I don’t usually have to worry about shipping things all over the place. To keep from melting my brain, I’ve selected the cheapest, simplest shipping options available. All options are padded just a bit (~$1.00) to be sure it’s covered. Any overcharged shipping will also go to Random Acts.

International folks: Tracking for international shipping is quite expensive, and the basic option includes only a certificate of mailing. There is also an international registered mail option, which I’m told is a bit easier to keep tabs on but still isn’t “true” tracking. If tracking is a concern for you and/or you wish to order multiple coins, please don’t pay an extra $12 for each coin. Contact me at Fringenuity@gmail.com instead, and we’ll work something else out. Otherwise, I’ll do everything in my power to make it right if something goes wrong. Please allow 4-6 weeks from the closing of pre-orders (31 January) for shipping before getting grouchy. Not responsible for duties or taxes.

USA people: Please also allow 4-6 weeks from January 31st before getting upset. Remember it takes time to mint the coins and get them here before they can be shipped to you, and since it’s just me I’ll be very busy once these things come in.


Feel free to direct any questions to Fringenuity@gmail.com, @Fringenuity, or @birdandbear on Twitter. As always, thank you for your generosity and support. ♥


Happy Birthday Aimee

Tomorrow, June 27th, would have been Aimee Long’s 36th birthday.

It’s been in the back of my mind all week, as I tried to focus on things I needed to do and mulled over what, if anything, we should do as a group to remember our friend. I finally had an inspiration today that I think works as a tasteful and loving gesture, if anyone would like to participate.

Candles are used for both birthday celebrations and remembrance, so I’ve lit one for her and taken a photo of it. If anyone would like to do the same and tweet it to @Fringenuity, I’ll compile an album and pass the link along to her family. Here’s mine:

Aimee's birthday candle

I’d also like to ask our loyal Fringe family to join me in a virtual moment of silence to remember Aimee tomorrow evening. The concept is simple, just tweet an ellipses and nothing else, like so:

It’s a text based gesture that’s been used for such things before, and, as tomorrow also happens to be Fringe Friday, I thought it couldn’t be more fitting to schedule it for the same time as one of our old Fringenuity tweetouts. So tomorrow night at 8:00pm EST, if you wish, tweet some dots for Aimee, because there will never be words for how much we miss her.

Happy Birthday Aimee. Wish you were here to laugh at all this.



Edit: Cortex Ifan just asked if she can tweet the picture with the … for the “moment of silence.” I think it’s a beautiful idea, if anyone else would like to do it that way.