Kindness breeds kindness: coin sponsorships available

We’re drawing rapidly to the close of our Random Acts fundraiser, and once again you guys have surpassed my secret hopes for the project (I was hoping to reach $1000.)

Just like you’ve always done, since we first #CrossedTheLine together.

With a little over 48 hours to go, we’ve sold 122 coins and raised well over $1200 for Random Acts. There will of course be a full report once the order is placed with the minting company, but for now I have a special announcement:

Random Acts is right. Kindness does indeed breed kindness, and in the best possible iteration of the spirit of not only this project, but the Fringe fandom in general, we’ve found ourselves with 13 available sponsorships for any fan who’d like a coin but can’t afford one. 

These sponsorships are an unexpected but touching development instigated by the generosity of one fan. Her kindness inspired others to match it, so that no fan gets left out of this printing over such a banal thing as money. Anyone wishing to take up the offer may do so privately by sending a DM to @Fringenuity, @birdandbear, or emailing – all I need is a name and address. An announcement will be made if and when all sponsorships have been claimed.

Anyone wishing to offer a partial or full sponsorship, or just make an extra donation, may do so via the “Donate” button in the left column of this page. Anything not spent on coins or shipping will of course go directly to Random Acts.

Anyone seeking other ways to be kind, or with ideas of their own, please check out Random Acts’ website for inspiration and support. I’ve been running this fundraiser for a month, and just today discovered that there’s a very active RA group right here in DFW. It’s one of the sweetest causes I’ve ever seen, spreading hope and love from person to person on a face to face basis.

Kinda like the way the Fringe fandom rolls. ♥

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