A second run for Fringenuity coins

The Fringenuity commemorative coin project was very successful, raising over $2000 for Random Acts and putting smiles on scores of faces. After allowing the people on the wait list an opportunity to place their orders, the initial run of 200 coins is completely sold out and I’m still receiving inquiries. After some consideration, I’ve decided to use the funds raised through the wait list to finance a second run of coins.


I need to turn my full attention to my other charity endeavors* for the next several months. There will be a second printing of at least 100 coins, but I won’t have time to administrate the project until my CSTS event is done in September. Sometime in October, I’ll be ready to tackle this a second time. Until then, I invite those interested to sign up for the newsletter to your left to be informed when coins become available again. 

Although I do have some other design ideas I may pursue, this will be the final printing for these coins. There will be no wait list this time, but there will be a pre-order period before the final order is placed. Once the order has been placed, remaining coins will be available on a first-come-first-served basis until they’re all gone. And since the cost of the printing is already covered, 100% of proceeds made this fall will go directly to Random Acts.

International people: there is a possibility I may need to raise your shipping cost a little when we return. Everything was fine with the first round of shipments, but with the wait list coins I had a different person, who insisted they had to be shipped using a different classification. The difference came out to an average of $3.00 per package, so you’ll probably be looking at a shipping cost of around $10.00. When sales resume, the coins themselves will remain priced at $15.00.

If you know anyone who missed out on the first run, now is the time to let them know that they have another chance. See you in the fall!

*Can’t Stop the Serenity – Browncoats/Firefly fans, if you’re not already aware of this, do yourselves a favor and check it out! Charity screenings of Serenity take place all over the world each summer for a fantastic cause. New cities are being added all the time, look for one near you!

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