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  1. I too am trying like the dickens to break figure out the anagrams and find this record! Have you seen the videos by seahorselab on youtube yet? Very interesting but not clear if they are fan made or not. Either way, lovin this hunt! Do you have a twitter acct so I (and others) can follow you? Keep looking!

  2. Hi!

    I have seen the videos, and I’m pretty sure they’re not fan made. I’m working on a similar compilation of clues for them – hopefully I’ll post it in a day or two. I have no idea what any of this means, but there’s too many clues for them not to add up to something.
    I’m birdandbear on Twitter, and pretty much everywhere else. Thanks!

  3. It’s driving me crazy. How is DFEBGA familiar to you? I keep playing it on that virtual keyboard (strings sounds best) but I can’t pin it.

  4. I don’t know! Maybe I’m imagining things. But it’s pinging something somewhere in my brain. Maybe it’s part of the actual song itself, in which case it couldn’t possibly sound familiar because as far as I know no one’s found the album yet…

  5. To me it sounded like the first few notes from the Fringe Soundtrack song “The Equation” Of course that song is played a million times a day in my house so I’m a bit biased :/

    I’ll keep playing around a bit.

  6. DFEBGA sounds like the Fringe theme to me, if I could just play it right.
    To the original author, how can I get a back order of that Wired magazine?

  7. I also noticed, on the maze map, the text “11. green mana” appears to have different colored text than the rest of the maze, so it stands out.

  8. James – I found mine on Amazon, at a store called BankOfBooks. It just arrived the other day, I haven’t had much chance to look at it yet, but it looks fascinating!

    Thanks for reading (and commenting!) everyone! Since the album has been found, I’ve been spending the three spare minutes I have a day poring over the lyrics and taking notes on them. I’ll post my findings soon. 🙂

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