#FringeFanFriday Fanfiction: “Thirty Days” by DixieGirl256 Updated 4/12

For our first Official  #FringeFanFriday, Fringe fanfiction writer – DixieGirl256 – has submitted the first part of a ten chapter-plus-epilogue story that deals with the month after Walter disappeared in 2015. She says: “It’s my attempt to fulfill Joel’s hope … Continue reading

Introducing: Fringenuity

So we’ve been doing this for awhile now: organizing ad hoc campaigns in an attempt to bring some of the fandom together and promote our favorite show. We started small – a few Skype meetings, GetGlue check ins, and lots … Continue reading

2011 Blue Moon Awards

Well the Emmy nominations were announced, by Joshua Jackson no less, on Thursday. And once again our beloved cast has been royally and completely ignored by the ATAS, despite a season of incredible writing and some of the finest performances … Continue reading


Seven Suns Rising: It’s the End of the World As We Know it

chat birdandbear: 

Let me start by saying: this album ROCKS. Hard. End of story. If you’re a classic rock fan like myself there’s nothing not to love here. Violet Sedan Chair stacks up nicely (in my opinion anyway) against the giants; Led … Continue reading


Epic Easter Egg Hunt

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Last week I read an article about a fantastic viral marketing campaign for Fringe, in which secret vinyl albums produced under the name Violet Sedan Chair, have been distributed to random record stores across the nation. The album, called Seven … Continue reading