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  1. Hi! So, I’m from Brazil and I’m a huge fan of the show! I’ve been helping on twitter and getglue this past 3 fridays plus I just wrote my ‘thanks’ on Nissan Leaf and Sprint pages. I’d like to help by writing on the pages of the advertisers, but I don’t know where to write. Can you please make a post with the list of advertisers so we, internacional fans, can help too??? And I also would like to know why our hashtags always trend for a few minutes and disappear so fast. Thanks and #FringeLove to you!

    • Hi!
      Sure, there are some lists others have compiled for the past, but I’ll put one together for this week.

      About hash-tags and trending:

      #CrossTheLine trended far more than a few minutes…. all over the world. We had a lot of “heavy hitters” – people with lots of followers – tweeting with us that week. We have data and statistics that tell us the problem has been not enough unique tweeters. And Not enough impact from accounts with lots of influence. In other words, we need people that are influential and have lots of followers.

      We are using data from #ObserveItLive so that we can address those issues, and revise our strategy. Stay tuned for what we find out. A new Twitter campaign will be released shortly based on our findings.

      • Thanks! I just saw the list on the home page, going to do my part now. About the trend, I gotta ask, I created some “alternate” accounts so I can use them on the rapid-fire. When the #ObserveItLive tag disappeared I heard some people saying the it turned into spam, and we should twett ObserveItLive, without the #. So I thought that maybe my “fake” accounts were making the tag became spam. Is that possible? Should I stop using this accounts??? Sorry about the bad english, trying my best here! lol Take care!

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