#AlmostHuman: New Show—New Team—New Website—New Premiere Date

A new show—a new team—a new website. And now, a new premiere date. We have been planning to generate some social media buzz for Almost Human, since it was officially picked up to series by FOX. Deep in the shadows … Continue reading

Spreading the Excitement for #AlmostHuman

Almost Human’s premiere (November 4 – 8/7C) is less than a month away, so it’s time to assemble and to start talking up the series via all available social media channels. We knew that the television world was heading towards … Continue reading

June #Fringe Event Alert: Let’s Wish a Happy Birthday to Anna, Lance, and Josh!

June is a month for birthdays in the Fringe universe. We have several cast members whose big day is coming up! * I also have the cosmic luck of sharing my June 27 b-day with the man himself, J.J Abrams. … Continue reading

#FringeFanFriday Fanfiction: “Thirty Days” by DixieGirl256 Part II (Updated 5/31)

  Part I is here. Chapter 6 The next scene has a sexual situation. Nothing graphic. Four stacks of files lay on the desk in front of Peter, along with his laptop. Jazz from WGBH played faintly in the background.  … Continue reading

Fringies, Let’s Make Joel Wyman’s Human a Reality

  The Pilot for Joel Wyman’s project show, Human, is scheduled to wrap filming this week. It won’t be long until the post-production product is screened in @FoxTV’s boardroom in order for the execs to decide whether or not they … Continue reading

#FringeFanFriday Fanfiction: “Thirty Days” by DixieGirl256 Updated 4/12

For our first Official  #FringeFanFriday, Fringe fanfiction writer – DixieGirl256 – has submitted the first part of a ten chapter-plus-epilogue story that deals with the month after Walter disappeared in 2015. She says: “It’s my attempt to fulfill Joel’s hope … Continue reading

September’s Notebook: Reviewing Fringe’s Moments in Time

Fringe: September’s Notebook – The Bishop Paradox Authors: Tara Bennett and Paul Terry Publisher: Insight Editions List Price: $50.00 Available: Now After a bit of disappointment with a certain colossal Internet retailer regarding my highly anticipated pre-order of eight months, … Continue reading

Poll: How Have You Participated in the #Fringe Fandom?

I have a really nice manuscript written for the Fringe fandom book that I am writing. The title has been altered to better reflect the contents and scope of the book; part history, and part memoir. It’s Quantum Entanglements: A … Continue reading

The Fringe Universe Expands: The Measure of a Cult Show

 “To be a fully sanctioned cult show, the life of a programme must continue through its fans after its death.” – Alex Geairns “The community of the show is currently strong and vibrant and I have a funny feeling that … Continue reading

Fringe Finale January 18, 2013: The End of a Journey, but We # KeepLookingUp

I’ve been avoiding this for as long as possible. It is bittersweet to be announcing the final Twitter event  for Fringe. So much happened here. You guys seriously rock. It feels like saying goodbye to treasured comrades after the war … Continue reading