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  1. There is apparently a parallel campaign this Friday, February 24. He’s a fan who posted this on GetGlue (some on twitter begin to ask questions???) It’s true or not???

    Gabriel Rezende
    CAUTION FRINGE FANS! Let’s get this on Twitter trending FRINGE FRIDAY Feb 24th (hand wave at 8 PM EST) – Let’s tweet has more Fringe related tag: ObserversAreHere, It Has to do with the episode as well. Please Spread the word about this. Fringies more the better! More information here: ObserversAreHere (without the #)

    • #ObserversAreHere is not a Fringenuity hashtag. There’s another group of fans in Brazil who feel it’s more appropriate and will have a better chance of trending. They’re misinformed, and I’m working on an article explaining how it works. That said, people are of course free to use whatever hashtag they wish, we just hope that the fandom doesn’t suffer from too much fragmentation. 🙂

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