Fringe Finale January 18, 2013: The End of a Journey, but We # KeepLookingUp

I’ve been avoiding this for as long as possible. It is bittersweet to be announcing the final Twitter event  for Fringe. So much happened here. You guys seriously rock. It feels like saying goodbye to treasured comrades after the war … Continue reading

Fringe Twitter Event January 11, 2013: Series Finale Arc Begins, but We’ll # NeverLetGo

It’s hard to think that this time last year, we weren’t even sure that Fringe would have a fifth season; the odds were definitely not in its favor. So, we decided to #CrossTheLine, and the social media impact of fans … Continue reading

#Fringe Twitter Event 12/21/12: It May Not Be the Mayan Apocalypse, but it’s # FarFromNormal

Friday was a very emotional day for Fringe fans, on many levels. Cast and crew had worked all through Thursday night and well into Friday morning in order to complete the show’s final scenes. Finally, that bittersweet moment arrived: #Fringe … Continue reading

Finding the Crack

“In the darkness, there’s always a crack. It’s how the light gets in.” Today has been the darkest of days. The monstrosity we’ve witnessed has left us stunned, grasping to process the unprocessable slaughter of young children. We are heartbroken, … Continue reading

Fringe Twitter Event 12/14/12: Let’s Take a Trip and # FreeYourMind

Hello, Fringies!  This week is a bittersweet one indeed for all of us. The final filming is taking place as I type, and hopefully is free from those who seek to ruin surprises. Joel Wyman — bless his huge heart … Continue reading

Fringe Twitter Event December 7, 2012: The # HumanKind is the Best Kind?

  This week has been one of celebration and reminiscing for Fringe fans. Our show has reached the milestone mark of 100 episodes! This is no small feat in the business of television. Very few shows make it past their … Continue reading

Fringe Twitter Event 11/16/12: (#)IPredict that We’re in for Some Action and a Rollercoaster of Emotions

Last week’s event featured some really cool tweets due to the nature of the show. After all, we are asked to Imagine the Impossibilities. Our creative fandom also came up with some wonderful icons, some of which featured Peter as an … Continue reading

Fringe Twitter Event 11/09/12: On Fringe, (#)NothingIsImpossible

Despite the mood from Etta’s death, we had a great deal of fun during this past week’s Twitter event. #ShowNoMercy trended before the airing of An Origin Story, and during almost the entire duration of the show. Not too bad, … Continue reading

Fringe Twitter Event 11/02/12: Would You (#)ShowNoMercy?

R.I.P. baby Bishop. You are missed. — Josh Jackson (@VancityJax) October 27, 2012   It all ends here, like it started. Another Big Bang, and we’re broken-hearted now… “Last Man in Space” by Violet Sedan Chair Fringe fans are like … Continue reading

One Way or Another, Fringe Fans Get the Job Done! – #AnotherWay Trend Results

There are many many things I love about Fringe fandom but one that I am consistently astounded by is the consistency and devotion it has shown Fringe twitter social media events. Many would say, there is no need to continue … Continue reading