Icon Pack(s), Twitter Skins, and Wallpaper – Feb 24th Twitter Event

We have so many goodies for you Fringies this week!

We have three wonderful icon packs for our #LoveIsTheAnswer Fringe twitter event!

Here are a few of examples from @SarahProost:


Lots more colors, download them here! LoveIsTheAnswer – Sarah style.zip

Examples from @zort70:


Lots more colors, download them here! LoveIsTheAnswer – zort70 Style.zip

Examples for @Cheribot:


Lots more colors, download them here! LoveIsTheAnswer – Cheri Style.zip

@birdandbear has created some Olivia Twitter skins that can be downloaded here.

And last but not least, @berry_hearts has created this beautiful wallpaper (different sizes found here).

Thanks to these contributors for sharing your art with Fringies. Remember, refrain from using the hash tag until the first wave starts at 8:00p EST. Icons can be worn anytime. See you all on Twitter and GetGlue. 🙂


Icon Pack(s), Twitter Skins, and Wallpaper – Feb 24th Twitter Event — 19 Comments

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  2. Awesome contributions by everyone this week with the twitter icons and twitter skins. Rockin #Fringe fans are -@sarahproost @cheribot @zort70 @birdandbear & @berry_hearts.Love is indeed the answer!

    • Thanks team! Great work! It takes all of us contributing in Any way we can from organizing, art, or collective tweeting at a precise time, to be a success. Fringe is not just a show, it woke up imaginations and makes people think and best of all, it brings people together. Fringenuity, Fringeship and Fringelove, these have become a beautiful way of life. FRINGETASTIC! ♥

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  5. Amazing icons guys!! All of them are unique and beautiful! Great job for the last episode before the hiatus! And the wallpapers are THE BEST!

    I had an idea about the campaigns that are done every week! We use the hashtag that is chosen only one hour before the air time of the episode!
    How about making another hashtag that we could use during the week and see if we can trend as well!!!

    Hope you like my idea and it’s not necessary to be done in practice!

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  15. Maybe this information is yet to come. But I’m very curious about the reception/statistics for our latest campaign #LoveIsTheAnswer. Seemed very positive and I had a great time participating.

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