Icon Packs and Banners – April 27th #Fringe Twitter Event

We have only 3 more episodes to show FOX, Warner Bros., executive producers, writers, cast and crew the love this great fandom has for Fringe through Social Media campaigns. While we all wait for news of renewal, we cannot stress how important your consistent and enduring support has been to ensure our voices are heard.

Here are the icons you can choose from for this Friday’s twitter event!

Examples from @Cheribot:


Download Cheri’s icons here – WA- Cheribot.zip

Examples from @SarahProost (3 styles to choose from!):




Download Sarah’s icons here – WA – SarahProost.zip

Examples from @zort70:


Download Ian’s icons here – WA – zort70.zip

From @PietroVescovo the following animated .gif icon is offered:

@greyandsmart offers this set of icons below:

This week talented Fringies created 3 banner designs that can be used to spread the word about campaigns.

Design by @Frozenaura:

Design by @Flow_L:

Design by @wombat06:

And here are some Twitter skins/tower banners from @birdandbear. The Olivias have been retouched and lots of colors added! (Walter coming soon):



Download the collection here: Fringenuity Twitter Skins.zip

Thank you Fringies for your unwavering support and generosity in taking time to promote and participate in these campaigns. We may be #WorldsApart geographically but in social media spaces, we gather and are united. Remember, it is never too late to get new viewers and fans involved in our campaigns. See you all on Twitter and GetGlue Friday!


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