Ambergram Polls

Hey Fringies, here’s your chance to weigh in on the specifics of the project! Please take a moment to vote in the polls and help us make our final decisions.


Poll #1 – engraving:

We’ve come up with three options for engraving into the large amber slabs. We can make them all the same, or we can use different phrases for different people. I used Bart’s name in the mock ups, because it’s nice and long.

Option A: “There are stories you come across. These bright, bright lights. They drift across our minds, unforgettable. Fringe is one of them. You lit up our imaginations, and we will never forget.” – Applicable to anyone

Option B: “There are stories that leave an indelible mark on your soul,  an imprint that can never be erased. Fringe has left its mark on all of us, and it will never be forgotten. Thank you.” – Applicable to anyone

Option C: “”Only those who risk going too far, find out how far they can go.” You took every risk, to tell an unforgettable story. Thank you for leading the way.” – Slightly more applicable to the showrunners/writers.

Feel free to sound off in the comments after you cast your vote!

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Poll #2 – charity funds designation:

We are very much hoping to be able to donate something to all of these very worthy causes, but in the event we have to choose just one of them, which would you prefer to see extra funds sent to?

Alzheimer’s research: This tragic disease was prominently and heartbreakingly  featured in “And Those We’ve Left Behind.” It also fits very well with our overall theme of memory preservation.

Arts programs for children: Bringing the visual and performing arts to underprivileged children in Fringe’s Vancouver home turf. Arts education is always a great cause to support, and although they’re very private about their charity causes, we have reason to believe this is a favorite of Josh and Diane’s.

Training and support for families of children with Autism: Once again in honor of Jasika, her sister Sedric, and their family. This Houston based organization works to train family members of children with Autism in helping them to learn through applied behavioral techniques. One of our most wonderful Fringies suggested FEAT, as they’ve been a wonderful support system for her own family.

Oxfam: Adorably supported by Anna, this international organization does many kinds of good works all over the world.


Stay tuned for further updates coming SOON!



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