Fringe’s Final Season Deserves to be a Cover Story: Let’s Make it Happen

Many fans would love to see photoshoots and/or cover stories for the final season of Fringe.

First of all, we have a very real opportunity to earn Fringe a TV Guide Fan Favorite cover.

Visit Facebook and VOTE!

You can vote as often as you like. Voting closes Sunday, October 28 at midnight Pacific Time. We’ll reveal the winner in the December 10 issue of TV Guide Magazine.

Get the word out using social media: Fringies are experts at this, so let’s put our power to good use. Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Google Plus, GetGlue, LiveJournal, etc.

But we want to take this mission a step further…

Entertainment Weekly was first to announce and showcase the gorgeous Season Five promotional pictures, and TV Guide conducted a much-enjoyed Anna Torv and Josh Jackson interview. Let’s let them know that Fringe fans would love a farewell cover, story, and/or photoshoot for Fringe.

Here are some very good reasons from “Anna Torv’s most devoted fan,” Jennifer Moon (@Starbuck7121):

The end is near Fringies…the series finale is set for February 1st, 2013.  But before we all grab our nearest Kleenex boxes and go into mourning, how cool would it be if we could convince Entertainment Weekly and TV Guide to feature Fringe on their covers (maybe even with new photoshoots) one last time?
    If there was ever a show that deserved a final season cover feature, it’s Fringe.  From the very beginning the show has defied the odds.  While being a critical darling, we all know it never pulled in the ratings that most networks and studios want to see.  But what makes Fringe special (besides the out-of-this-universe cast and crew) is its extremely devoted fanbase who fought to keep it on the air long enough so we could see the story it was meant to tell.  And what a story it has been.  Fringe is a master class on how to blend science fiction, family drama, and epic romance.  The final season seems, by all accounts, poised to blow our collective minds.
    I’d like to challenge all of my fellow Fringe fans to ask EW and TV Guide for final cover features – this could be another fun way to demonstrate our appreciation to everyone involved with the show and let them know how much they will be missed.  Let’s do everything we can to make sure Fringe goes down in the record books as stuff of sci-fi legend!
There is a right way to do this.
First, visit the Facebook pages for Entertainment Weekly and TV Guide, and respectfully let them know why you feel that Fringe deserves to have a cover and/or photoshoot. Jenn has laid out an excellent case above, so think along those lines. Do not be annoying, or spam: Just state your case of how much it would mean to the fandom.
You can do this on Twitter as well:


Fringe’s Final Season Deserves to be a Cover Story: Let’s Make it Happen — 20 Comments

  1. I’ve been a big fan of Fringe since it started, so I’m sad to see it coming to an end. A friend that works with me at DISH thinks that more seasons could hurt the show’s popularity, though, and I agree—most shows do overstay their welcome nowadays. I’ll be voting for Fringe to have a cover, and I think that it’s well deserved. I’ll even be saving the entire 5th season to my Hopper, because it has plenty of memory to do so, and I’m sure I’ll feel nostalgic at some point after the series ends. Good luck to it getting a cover and cheers to a great show.

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