Fringies, Let’s Make Joel Wyman’s Human a Reality

Future LA Cops (From YVR Shoots)


The Pilot for Joel Wyman’s project show, Human, is scheduled to wrap filming this week. It won’t be long until the post-production product is screened in @FoxTV’s boardroom in order for the execs to decide whether or not they want to order it to series.

We can’t tell you how much we want this show to become a reality. Why do we have such confidence in something that barely exists, and feel so passionately about it?

– Its main creative team – Joel Wyman and Bryan Burk — are from Fringe.

– Most of the crew were those who had worked on Fringe. Aside from their tremendous dedication and talent, these people were incredible to respectful fans who watched filming. The Vancouver and the British Columbia film industries are fighting for jobs right now, so any work for these people is a good thing.

– Did we mention that the casting is amazing? Karl Urban? Michael Ealy? Yes, please.

– The concept of artificial life and human interaction/interfacing with machines is fascinating.

Some may say that we’re setting ourselves up for heartbreak. Pilot season is cutthroat, and many promising projects just don’t make it. But we’ve taken the stance that well… squeaking helps things get greased. Action at a Distance. And if Fringe fans have learned anything from taking an active interest in Fringe’s fate over several seasons, positive squeaks can have an impact.

We need to be advocates for what WE want to see.

We need to let FOX know that they possibly have a built-in, influential, and transferable audience for Human if they risk it.

One story to illustrate: FOX didn’t want to green light The X-Files. If it wasn’t for Peter Roth (Now WB’s Prez) pushing for the show, eventually getting the OK for Pilot, one of science-fiction’s greatest stories would have never been told. (Words cannot express the geek love that I have for this man.)

This week and next,  let’s tell FOX how much we are interested in Human. The hashtag #Human is too generic for easy tracking purposes. So we have made our own.

Tell @FoxTV to:


Make some social media buzz for the show. Tweet Joel (@JHWyman) and give him some positive thoughts. Tell @bad_robot that you’re excited. Spread the word to others who might be interested.

I know that we all miss Fringe dearly. But we have to keep looking to the future if we want good stories to have a chance to be told. Fans live in  empowering times, and we Fringies have been at the spearhead. We now have a voice in helping new projects exist. Fringenuity will be evolving as well. Because sci-fi is often on the fringe of mass approval,  we’ll be lending our voices in support.

We imagine the world we want, and use our hearts and imaginations to make it happen.




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  2. Even though I loved the show and like almost everyone else think all the after birth ‘Fringy’ get togetherness is wretched, you guys just have to quit putting crap on! “Human”!

    • Not sure if you are telling us that we have to to quit “putting crap on,” as in our free speech to do as we wish with our blog and our Twitter to make buzz for something cool, or if you think FOX needs to stop putting crap on?

      We are allowed to do as we wish, and others can follow if it pleases them. You are free to not come along if you think what we do is crap.

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