Happy Anniversary Fringenuity!


I’ve been doing a lot of reminiscing lately, scrolling through old tweets and remembering all the awesome times we’ve had. My favorites list reads like a microcosmic history of my Fringe experience¬† – all the best moments encapsulated in >140 characters of palpable joy. There are BMA’s, Ambergrams, responses to both from cast and crew, Fringenuity tweetouts, campaign reports, fundraising initiatives, TFE tweets…it just goes on and on, and all off it reminds me just how amazing this fandom is, and how privileged I’ve been to be there for it all.

There’s been so much hope and defiance, ingenuity, support, and dedication from so many people…and there’s been loss. It’s been a rough couple of months, but as Aimee loved to say, “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” The show may be over, and Aimee may be gone, but everything happened. The proof is there in all those tweets and posts and vids, and it’s in our hearts forever. Aimee wouldn’t have missed it for the world, and neither would I, and I’d be willing to bet neither would any of you.

As we approach the anniversary of the Fringe series finale, I can’t help but think that there will never be anything quite like Fringenuity in 2012, and the mission we all embarked upon together. Two years ago Fringe had a line alright, and almost everyone assumed it was the one marked “end of the.” But we changed that. We set out to #CrossTheLine, and so we did. We crossed it, trampled it, scribbled it out, and when we finally crossed it again it was the one marked “finish.”

We changed an industry by proving that the old ways were no longer the best ones We’ve seen the birth of a whole new rating system, and on the second anniversary of our first campaign, Fox announced that it’s doing away with the idea of Pilot Season entirely, as well as looking at longer production times and shorter seasons for mythos heavy shows. Own that. It’s yours, it’s mine, and it’s Aimee’s. It might have happened eventually anyway, but it would have taken much longer, and Fringe would have been ground unfinished under the locked and protesting wheels of the establishment juggernaut. Aimee’s legacy and ours will be that current and future genre shows will have a greater chance of survival, allowing them to tell their tales, to grow to their full potential, and to do what great stories are supposed to do: impact out minds and leave us richer in their wake.

It was an amazing journey, and we’ll never see its like again. But although that story may be over, another one has already begun. The road goes ever on and on*, and there’s always another adventure around the next bend. Fringenuity is officially taking a break from the cheerleading business while I grieve and catch up on my life, but we’re not going anywhere. One day we shall come back. Yes, we shall come back*, and when we do we’ll have whole hearts and open arms with which to embrace and support great television. And in the meantime, the AHTF is doing a fantastic job providing a support network for Almost Human. If you haven’t already, please join them in their efforts to help Bad Robot’s new show succeed.


Happy New Year everyone, make it a good one. We’ve been reminded that our time is short, and tomorrow is never guaranteed. We’ve already done the impossible*, and that makes us mighty. You don’t need Fringenuity, you are fringenuity. Get out there and find a dragon to slay. Find something wrong somewhere, and try to make it right. The world is dark and full of terrors*, use the time you have to make it a better place.

See you soon!



*Tolkien, *Doctor Who, *Serenity, *G.R.R.M, *Forgive me, I’m a tired nerd. After awhile I just couldn’t help myself…



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