Video Response to the Blue Moon Awards

And the #WhereIsPeterBishop video. We did an amazing thing – SO PROUD you guys!! 😀 … Continue reading

Blue Moon Awards: Actor Photos!!

Yesterday morning Joel Wyman tweeted these photos of some of our cast members, smiling widely and holding some Blue Moon Awards. It’s absolutely wonderful to know that they all got them, and that we were able to make them smile … Continue reading

Blue Moon Awards: A History in Reverse

I’ve moved all the BMA posts to this page for easy reference by anyone who’s interested. Thanks again for making this happen; it was a joy to do, and yet another example of how amazing the Fringe fandom can be.

BMA Project Completion, $25 raised for Autism Speaks

  Guys, we did it! The package with the stuff for Joel, Jeff and Ari arrived last Friday, and the other box made it to Vancouver today. I’ve made a small donation to, rounding up just a tad ’cause … Continue reading

2011 Blue Moon Award Donors

Aimee Long (@aimeeinchains) – Ironton, Ohio US Ana Ortega (@atmexD) – Mexico Anastasia (bubblevillefan) – Novosibirsk, Russia Annie Burnaman (@birdandbear) – Fort Worth, Texas US Arturo Garcia  – Miami, Florida US Brittney Pueblo (@Bmap2A) – Utah US Carrie (@evilVAGENDA) – … Continue reading

Blue Moon Awards Photos

Well they’re off, winging their way to their destinations as I type. Jeff and Joel’s  package is bound for LA, and the rest are on their way to Canada. The box sent to LA should arrive this Friday before the … Continue reading

Letters for Cast/Crew

There are a bunch of these, so they’ll be posted in the forum. They’re personalized to the recipients, detailing what we think makes them so amazing that we felt the need to do this. We tried not to gush too … Continue reading

Blue Moon Awards Update 09/20/11

Hey everyone! I’m sorry it’s been awhile since the last update, I’ve been busy but that’s no excuse.  The exciting news is that the awards HAVE BEEN ORDERED. Unfortunately the production company is a little backed up, and it’s taking … Continue reading

Blue Moon Awards Update 08/31/2011

UPDATE Due to the requests of several people who only just heard about the project, we have decided to reopen donations until we are ready to ship the awards to the cast. At this point we have enough to order … Continue reading

Blue Moon Awards Update 08/28/2011

UPDATE Congratulations Fringies, we have met our goal! We’ve raised enough money to buy, and ship, an award for each cast member, Jeff, Joel and a token of appreciation for the crew as well. We couldn’t have done it without … Continue reading