Blue Moon Awards Update 09/20/11

Hey everyone!

I’m sorry it’s been awhile since the last update, I’ve been busy but that’s no excuse.  The exciting news is that the awards HAVE BEEN ORDERED. Unfortunately the production company is a little backed up, and it’s taking longer than I’d like, but they’ve promised to ship them on Sept 26 and they should be here in Texas by the end of the month. I’ll let you know the day they arrive. Once they’re here I’ll pack them up, along with all the wonderful letters and artwork I’ve received and send them on to the cast.

This has been an amazingly fun journey, thanks to all who’ve donated. We have nearly $250 left to cover shipping to Vancouver, and the rest will of course go to Donations and letter/art submissions will remain open for any latecomers until the awards are shipped to the cast – it’s not too late to add your name to the project!



Blue Moon Awards Update 09/20/11 — 4 Comments

  1. hey 🙂 i just completed my donation! just found out about this cool project!! fringe cast and crew need appreciation, and i think this is a really lovely way to do so 😀

    it would be nice to appear on the donor list, too 🙂
    I’m Tania G. and @taychill on twitter 😉
    and i come from Luxembourg (just living in germany) 🙂

  2. Awesome! I just sent out an update. Saw that you’d donated and added you to the list, but didn’t see your comment with details about you until just now. I’ll go fix you up. Thanks so much for joining in! 😀

  3. Dear Fringies,

    I’m proud to be a part of this amazing fandom.

    Of course I will join the BMA Campaign as I just took part in that huge video project.

    Fringe is not only a TV show. it is more than that.There are the amazing actors who are so talented and ambitious. They love what they do and they loves their fans.

    The writers who tell us every week those freaky mindblowing stories not only about science and parallel universes. They tell stories about people we care about.

    But don’t forget those who never appear on a red carpet or a award show.

    Thanks to all of them!

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