Nothing to See Here


Hey Fringe fan, can you keep a secret?

No really, can you?




Okay then, welcome to our mischief. In light of recent events (coughemmyscough) a small group of Fringe fans have decided that we’re tired of seeing the remarkable talents of our cast and crew go unacknowledged. While we can’t do anything about the Emmy’s, we can do something to show our cast that even if they never win any popularity contests, they’ve won us heart and soul.

Something new.

So if you promise to keep it on the dl, click below to find out what we’re on about. We want your help., we need your help, and we need to spread the word – but we must do it carefully. When half our cast is on Twitter and all of them have ears, we have to be sneaky and circumspect. We’re looking for a person to person viral type promotion here. So read on and then go tell all your friends, but tell them to keep mum about it!


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