Where is Peter Bishop? A love letter from the fans to the show

Feels like I’ve been saying it for weeks, but Fringe fandom is truly something special. I’ve seen fandoms before, I’ve been a part of them, and they can be wonderful and exhilarating in a way that’s wholly unique to sharing a common interest in an idea, or a story, or a show. I’ve seen fans come together and accomplish mighty things when they set their minds to it.  I’ve seen (and helped) Browncoats raise over half a million dollars in six years for human rights and other causes. I’ve posted on forums, participated in campaigns, and volunteered at conventions. I love geeks of every stripe, they are my tribe.


But Fringe is different. Maybe it’s because I came late to other fandoms, or maybe I just never met the right people, but to me it’s something wholly unique and new. There’s a genuine love in it that permeates the entire atmosphere surrounding the show. It’s the bubbly, starry-eyed enthusiasm that accompanies any kind of falling in love, but it’s also deeper than that. Through Fringe, I’ve come to know some really amazing people, and seen them do astonishing things, not just for Fringe, but for each other. It’s a network of affection and support that certainly includes the fans, and although I have no right to speak for any of them, it seems that it also includes the cast and crew, the show runners, a certain promotional superhero, and maybe even a Fox executive or two. Every one of us knows that we’ve stumbled onto something rare, and we’re lucky to have found it.

I’m at a loss to put into words exactly what “it” is. Fringe is certainly a phenomenal show, getting stronger and deeper with every episode, and expertly crafted by every single person involved, but that’s not all it is. It’s the sense of family that’s been growing for the last year and a half or so. It seems to me that it started around then, when some of us decided to fight for Fringe, when the ratings started to fall into the red alert zone. It started out like any other fan campaign, fueled by desperation and an unwillingness to let the show go down. And it still is that I guess – we’ll certainly still be waking up on Saturday mornings, guts twisting, checking the ratings. But it’s also something bigger now, like it grew wings and took off with all of us on it’s back. And now we’re flying along on joy,  and love, and friendships that will last long after Fringe is a warm memory that we still watch over and over.

That’s the best I can do to describe it, and it doesn’t really come close. But whatever the explanation, this fandom, these times when Fringe is alive and we’re waiting with baited breath to find out what happens next (just where is Peter??) – it’s something I’m never going to forget, and I don’t think I’m alone. It’s awe-inspiring, and truly humbling to be along for this ride, and to call some of you my friends. And so here’s the thing I came here to share, this video evidence of what Fringe has become to so many people. Look if you haven’t already, maybe you’ll get what I’m talking about.

Thank you Fringe.


Where is Peter Bishop: A love letter, by @dubzoey and fans from all over the world.

(The Jeep is mine)





Where is Peter Bishop? A love letter from the fans to the show — 3 Comments

  1. I have been watching Fringe for the past 3 seasons now…..all the way from australia. This is the first fandom i have ever been a part of. And just like the themes in Fringe of fate, destiny and the choices we make ……i think it was my destiny to be part of this fandom. I have made so many dear friends in this fandom…frienships that will last a lifetime. And this year i embarked on the trip of a life time and spent 8 weeks in Vancouver endeavouring to see my beloved Fringe being filmed. I have been to 7 different Fringe location shoots, met some of the crew and was lucky enough to meet Josh, Anna and John. I can tell you from first hand experience that the cast and crew work their arses off for our show and they do it with so much love. The crew have so much love and respect for the cast and that love is reflected right back. And, i guess, thats what shines through for us Fringies. We see that love and we feel it…..and we send it right back. I owe Fringe a huge debt of gratitute for it has quite literally changed my life! I love it now….and i will love it forever. And thats why i cried when i saw this video. 4 of my pics are in there…but what shone through for me was that Fringies just wanted to show the cast and crew just how much we love Fringe. WhereIsPeterBishop…is one huge love letter from the fans to Fringe.
    Thanks to @dublawgal for working tirelessly to put it all together. A truly AWESOME Fringie! xxxx

  2. Thank you so much my friend for your words of affection and support. Has it really been almost that long? We’ve fought the fight and won. And we are basking in the glory of that victory with each other. Sadly, we will be fighting again, I am sure. But this time the battle will be easier to bear. We’re better organized, experienced, and most of all… we’ve found camaraderie with one another.

    Before Fringe, I’ve never really been involved too much with a “fandom.” When The X-Files was on, my fandom consisted of other geeks from school hanging out at the local greasy spoon, speculating and talking the paranormal. Passing around comics, articles, fan-fic, and oggling at half-naked pictures of David Duchovny during band camp was the extent of our sharing, lol…

    While sharing our love for Fringe, we’ve discovered strengths in ourselves because of our love for this special show. You’ve rediscovered writing again, you mentioned. Why was this talent hidden? I don’t know, but I am glad that the love of Fringe brought it out into the light of day once again. You’re a talented organizer, and I feel honored to assist with your plans.

    We have a worldwide network of friends, some of whom I want to meet in person some day. It means that much.

  3. I couldn’t have said it better.
    This is the first fandom I’ve been involved with and it is a pleasure, to read reviews and theories, to have intellectual conversations with others, to rally everyone to watch, to recreate Walter food, to drive around in a Fringemobile to support the show in every poll, to… the list goes on. And it is the first show I’m really obsessed about. I’ve learned so much from the characters that has helped in real life situations.
    This cast and crew is special because I feel they have a genuine friendship for or with each other.
    runpaceyrun, you are so lucky to have met them. I’m still trying to figure out how I can do this.
    Aimee, I too want to meet other Fringies in person. I was hoping to organize a party for this year but it didn’t work. So maybe next year.
    birdandbear, the awards are awesome and I’m glad you ran with it. I can’t wait to find out their reactions.
    And yes we might have to fight again. But that’s one fight I’m again willing be involved in as much as I can.
    All I can say is: Fringe Fans are awesome and Fringe Rocks!

    We are ready for S4 and beyond.

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