“Friend” Contest Entries!

Last week we announced a promotional contest for Jess Noble’s Friend, (starring her dad, John) asking for your visual representations of the meaning of the word. Here are the inspiring responses we received! Entries are to be judged by the … Continue reading

CONTEST – The Observer Purge Has Begun: How Will You React?

SIMON FOSTER: When I was in my freshman year at college — I’m at Stanford. And in the middle of the night, my roommate comes banging on my door. Tells me to wake up, come check out the TV. I … Continue reading

Loyalist/Resistance Propaganda Art Contest

  It won’t be long until #Fringe Friday nights return! And there will be a battle for hearts and minds. To prepare for the showdown, we’re looking for Loyalist and Resistance themed propaganda art/posters. This includes propaganda themed fan videos. Winner … Continue reading

Summer Re-watch and Dissection at MTOofE

Feels like it’s been quite awhile since Brave New World Part 2….was it really only two weeks ago? Since the finale, the Fringenuity team has been enjoying a little break in which to catch up on everything else that’s not … Continue reading

Announcing “The Bridge” Fringe Fanzine!

I know what you’re thinking- what’s a fanzine??? A fanzine is an unofficial publication made by fans, for fans. It has its roots in sci fi and comic fandoms, and is a wonderful, fun way to learn about and interact … Continue reading

A Very Long Wait for Some #VeryShortLoveStory Contest Results!

  A Very Long Wait for Some #VeryShortLoveStory Contest Results!   EDIT: Please scroll to the bottom to read!!   There’s a story in which Ernest Hemingway and friends were sitting around one evening, being all writery, when a bet … Continue reading

A Very “Very” Short Story about Love – Fringe Twitter Contest

We’ve suffered enough March madness with the Fringe hiatus and are all super excited for the return of the a brand new episode of Fringe on March 23rd entitled “A Short Story About Love”.  To celebrate Fringe’s return to our … Continue reading

#FringePix: Seeing the World Through a Fringie Lens

We are delighted and moved that so many of you shared your #FringeConfessions we’ve decided to engage Fringies in a visual project. We have monitored tweets and we know that many of you sometimes adopt a “Fringie” lens when looking at … Continue reading

#Fringe Fans #FringeConfessions – Part Three

       I had been reading fanfiction for 2 years before Fringe aired, but never felt driven to try writing any myself. That all changed when episode 117 “Bad Dreams” aired on 4/21/09. Executive producer Akiva Goldsman wrote AND … Continue reading

#FringeConfessions: Part Two

I opened up our email tonight and there were more tales about how Fringe has changed people’s lives. Here is another touching round. … Continue reading