Some Fringe Love Sent to Peter Roth – Warner Brothers President — 17 Comments

  1. I am so very thankful for all that you and the time you dedicate to keeping this amazing show on the air. I have vowed that if Fringe goes off the air, I will cease to watch TV period.

    • Excellent !-Wow, this sure is a lveloy bokeh!Your beautiful creation of light was seen in:1 post 2 awards ♤ pls tag: "ABokehOfLight"———————————————————-

  2. You guys are great at finding new, innovative ways to get the word out, to those who need to know it the most, just how much we love this show. Thanks for all you do. I can only hope that the show’s ratings will continue to rise. I’ll continue with the Twitter and GetGlue campaigns. And I’ll get going on Facebook right… now.

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  5. Thats just amazing work thoughtful, inspiring to all us Fringies who just adore this wonderful show worldwide! I’m from Ireland but have been living in US since the start of S3. I’ve had my eyes opened to how tv shows and networks work while living here. There is a fountain of worldwide Fringe fans like myself who have no way of contributing to Nielson ratings for our beloved show

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