Some Fringe Love Sent to Peter Roth – Warner Brothers President

It is pretty evident that the future of Fringe rests in the hands of Warner Brothers, the parent company that produces the show. As such, we at Fringenuity quickly assembled a collection of information about Fringe fans in social media, and examples of some of the fandom’s best art and projects. Chief among these are the “Where is Peter Bishop” video of fan photos compiled by ShirtlessFrank, The Blue Moon Awards Project, and data from the social media campaigns for #CrossTheLine and #EnemyOfMyEnemy.

We have information that these campaigns have been noticed by the right people. 

This collection was shipped Express mail today to Warner Brothers President, Peter Roth.  I sent a fairly comprehensive cover letter with the collection. Some excerpts:

I just want to let you know how privileged I feel to have been able to view such a wonderful, thought-provoking and emotionally resonant show such as Fringe these past four seasons. I hope so much for a fifth season. And I’d like to show you some additional reasons why it should go on, if not on FOX, than maybe another venue.

The show has been a personal inspiration to me and other fans. I know several fans that were inspired to travel the world because Fringe dared them to dream. It’s made me want to be a better person – to achieve what I am capable of doing – no excuses. Not very many shows have such a loyal and immersed following. Fringe is keeper television. It is meant to be enjoyed over and over again. I love making connections to past episodes and all of the little Easter eggs and details that make this show so unique. Fringe fans are a different kind of audience – we are invested in worlds – no, scratch that. We are invested in universes.

This data shows a very strong international fan base. As an American, I am upset that the future of this global gem rests squarely on the US Nielsen ratings. Television in the day and age of instant communication is now globally instantaneous. Fans from around the world desperately want to keep this show in production.

We dare to dream that this show will live on in some form. But if its not in the cards, we thank you so much for the past fours seasons with Olivia and “The Bishop Boys.”

@birdandbear stated:

I just wanted you to know how much this show means to me, and how grateful I am to have had it at all. I believe in stories, in the impact they can have on a culture as well as an individual, and I believe that they can represent the very best aspects of humanity. For whatever reason, we as a species need stories; we’ve been telling them since we learned to talk, and when we tell them, when we listen to them, we learn about ourselves. Fringe is quite simply one of the best stories I’ve ever known. It has a heart and a truth to it that are unparalleled by anything else on TV at this time. There are stories that we hear once and enjoy, and then there are stories that speak to us about who we are, that stay with us and influence the people we end up becoming. Fringe is one of those, and honestly I never expected to find another. The last time I found a mythology so deeply affecting to me was when I discovered Buffy. But Fringe came along and I found myself surprised at being able to fall completely in love all over again. I can’t explain why those two stories speak to me so; we’re all different, and things make different impressions on each of us. But I can tell you that I’m not alone. There are so many others willing to go the extra mile for Fringe, to do anything they can to keep it alive, because we’ve all found something unique and valuable in this one tale – and new people are discovering it daily.

From @Fringeship

There is an entire universe (and maybe parallel ones) of individuals that love the show equally intensely and yet the show holds personal meaning for each one of us. One might think it odd to become so attached to a show but if not for Fringe, I would not have found friends across the country and across the globe even. Concurrent with the strong support Fringe has received from you and Warner Bros. with each incredible season that it been on the air, is the ever growing community of Fringe viewers that truly understand what a rare and unique gem this show is; one that will be cherished for years to come through sharing with new viewers the wonderful experience of watching the story unfold.

We are all here to support the narrative is part of Fringe’s DNA, that there are causes greater than ourselves that are worth fighting for and for which each one of us can make that one difference. Just as Fringe has left an indelible mark on us as fans, I hope we have reciprocated in kind through our joy and support of this show. I thank you for continuing to deliver excellence in TV and believing in Fringe, a show that is unlimited in its creativity and remains true to its compelling storytelling.

We will be creating a forum shortly for fans to express their love for Fringe, and why it deserves a fifth season. It will be public and will be brought to the attention of Warner Brothers.


Some Fringe Love Sent to Peter Roth – Warner Brothers President — 17 Comments

  1. I am so very thankful for all that you and the time you dedicate to keeping this amazing show on the air. I have vowed that if Fringe goes off the air, I will cease to watch TV period.

    • Excellent !-Wow, this sure is a lveloy bokeh!Your beautiful creation of light was seen in:1 post 2 awards ♤ pls tag: "ABokehOfLight"———————————————————-

  2. You guys are great at finding new, innovative ways to get the word out, to those who need to know it the most, just how much we love this show. Thanks for all you do. I can only hope that the show’s ratings will continue to rise. I’ll continue with the Twitter and GetGlue campaigns. And I’ll get going on Facebook right… now.

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  5. Thats just amazing work thoughtful, inspiring to all us Fringies who just adore this wonderful show worldwide! I’m from Ireland but have been living in US since the start of S3. I’ve had my eyes opened to how tv shows and networks work while living here. There is a fountain of worldwide Fringe fans like myself who have no way of contributing to Nielson ratings for our beloved show

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