#CrossTheLine Was the First Step in a Year-Long Fringe Fan Journey — 14 Comments

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  3. I never knew the backstory to the hashtag events! I have watched the show and a uberFan from day 1 but just last year became more aware of the Fringe fan sites and events! I thought that the hastags seen on TV was a part of the network! I want to be involved more this week. (too late to little). I also want to suggest that maybe us Fringies can get together once a year after the show ends.

  4. My husband and I only began watching the series (though we always read and heard how good it was) a few months ago. So, when we recorded the final season we came upon the hashtags in the show without knowing what was happening. Right during the last episode I did a Google mobile search and found this very web page and e-mailed it to my husband and I. Thank you for such a clear and compelling post. Props to you all who conducted the campaign. There were those of us out there unaware (but who are grateful – it was good to see an end). Good luck in grad school and good on you.

    • Glad you watched the show, and it’s really cool that you investigated the origin of the hashtags. Welcome to the Fringe family. Just because the show has completed doesn’t mean that it’s all over. 🙂

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  6. Thank you for your dedication to uniting the Fandom in an organized manner. My involvement in the movement got me on Twitter in a meaningful and fun way. FRINGE has inspired me to get back to writing. #crossingtheline means so much new to me than a tv show movement. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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