Fringe Fans Receive Responses From Nissan Leaf

The call went out to use Facebook to contact Fringe Advertisers and the two main show sponsors -Nissan Leaf and Sprint. And the Fringe Army has overwhelmingly stepped forward to tell those that financially support the show that we are watching, and our eyes see their commercials. Maybe … just maybe… we’ll open our wallets, too.

Here are some great examples of the responses fans have received. We ARE being heard agents.

  It’s all a part of “The Equation” that will stop “The End of All Things” for #Fringe: 

Watch Live + Supporting the Sponsors + Social Media = Season 5  

Really encouraging Fan Comments on the Nissan Leaf Album

Check out the FRINGE love on Leaf’s Page!

One of their responses shows that fans are building a reciprocal relationship with this sponsor:

We want to thank all the fans of FOX’s Fringe for your enthusiastic support of the Nissan LEAF! We hope you enjoyed last night’s episode which featured a ‘drive-on’ cameo by yours truly. – Nissan Social.

So keep tweeting and “Liking” those that support our show!


Fringe Fans Receive Responses From Nissan Leaf — 7 Comments

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