A Very Kick-Astrid Friday – Trending #TakeTheLead — 6 Comments

  1. I was once again blown away by the enthusiasm and committment of Fringe fandom. There was just so much love for @jasikanicole. She truly deserved the love we gave her …and to trend #TakeTheLead for 25 minutes worldwide was just a BRILLIANT effort. A HUGE thankyou goes to @fringeship, @aimeeinchains and @birdandbear for marshalling the troops and to @Cheribot and @zort70 for their fab icons. A bucketload of love goes out to @gillybee66, @dalliel, @walterbishopfan and @sujeto13 for their AWESOME #TakeTheLead vids! And to Nikolai3d a big thanks for keeping us updated with all the stats our big Fringie hearts desire.
    And to our AWESOME Fringe fandom …… well if i could hug each and every one of you i would. Lets keep showing the world just how much we love our show.

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