A Very Kick-Astrid Friday – Trending #TakeTheLead

When we said the Astrids were taking over twitter February 3rd, we were not kidding. In honor of our “Littlest Bishop” and her alternate getting center stage for episode “Making Angels”, we asked Fringies to use the hash tag #TakeTheLead. Once again, you responded to the challenge and rose to the occasion. #TakeTheLead trended Worldwide just under 7 minutes of event start followed by trending in the United States. #TakeTheLead stayed in the Worldwide trends for a continuous 25 minutes and appeared in top trending topics in the United States four times. To top off an already great evening, during the East Coast airing of Fringe, “Astrid” also hit the twitter trends in the United States.

#TakeTheLead trending Worldwide


#TakeTheLead trending in US


#TakeTheLead trending in Germany


#TakeTheLead trending in Vancouver


Astrid trending in the US


Why is this significant? Some of you may ask yourselves now that we have mastered to art of twitter trending would this become too regular and normal? Not at all. Please know that sponsors and companies pay large amounts of money to get a hash tag promoted. In fact, Twitter charged 400% of what it did in 2010 to have a hash tag promoted for one day and the amount is in the six-figure range. That Fringies can assemble and do this on demand is a huge achievement that cannot be discounted. This is garnering the right attention and positivity for the show and sponsors may soon be perking up as well (some have already – see Fringe Fans Receive Responses From Nissan Leaf). The hash tag even received some recognition by FOX’s official twitter account for Fringe (@FringeOnFox) – they used #TakeTheLead in tweets right before East and West coast airings.

@FringeOnFox uses #TakeTheLead in tweets


On GetGlue, Fringe returned to top place for check-ins in the TV category and the Nissan Leaf comfortably occupied the #3 spot in trending topics. Love for Astrid Farnsworth was also seen on GetGlue as she made the list of trending topics at #35.

You might ask “But why does this not translate directly into changes in ratings?” Here is the deal, we run these campaigns to try to accomplish five things:

1) attract the attention of the network and let them know many non-Nielsen watch live (and there are ways to track us e.g. GetGlue check-ins)

2) let sponsors and advertisers know that we see the commercials through real-time (or as close to real-time) check-ins/tweeting and well as “liking” their Facebook pages so they understand that there is an audience they can market to

3) persuade the elusive Nielsen viewer(s) to watch Fringe and watch it live

4) create social buzz for the show to get the uninitiated viewer interested or the casual viewer vested in watching live

5) unite Fringe fandom in appreciation for the show

Understand that our own expectations are to keep building momentum and show consistency in our successes. We are not trying to convince one or two individuals here. We are trying to influence hundreds if not thousands of people across a spectrum of topics from viewership habits, social TV buzz, to marketing strategies. We will continue to add to our campaigns and incorporate multiple social media platforms. Change will not come overnight but our eyes are on the endgame and that is to allow the show runners to tell the story they want to tell with Fringe, in the pace and fashion they have designed for the show.

Tweet statistics (provided by @Nikolai3d):

For this Fringe twitter event, we made over 4.8 million social impressions. With over 20,000 tweets, our reach increase to over 830,000 people. (Our last best effort was with #EnemyofmyEnemy, reaching over 630,000 people). Making positive impressions is always important and travels further with twitter.

You guys did great to pace your tweets; steady and interspersed with retweets rather than push your tweets out as fast as possible. In addition, you did not let trending be a distraction and continued to tweet consistently as asked. THANK YOU! We believe this helped to keep the hash tag trending.

For more articles about social media impressions and becoming expert tweeters see below links:

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As always, we are very appreciative of those have reached out to offer their help. We really could not do any of this without you. Be proud of our achievements Fringies. 🙂

Promo Vids: @gillybee66, @walterbishopfan, @sujeto13, and @dalliel – playlist here

Icon packs: @Cheribot, @zort70

Gallery of messages and reactions from Jasika Nicole (@jasikanicole & http://sugarbooty.tumblr.com on our campaign and the fan love she receives:

Jasika changes her icon to one made by @Cheribot for the Fringe Twitter Event!


The next day, Jasika left this message for fans on her tumblr – click here


A Very Kick-Astrid Friday – Trending #TakeTheLead — 6 Comments

  1. I was once again blown away by the enthusiasm and committment of Fringe fandom. There was just so much love for @jasikanicole. She truly deserved the love we gave her …and to trend #TakeTheLead for 25 minutes worldwide was just a BRILLIANT effort. A HUGE thankyou goes to @fringeship, @aimeeinchains and @birdandbear for marshalling the troops and to @Cheribot and @zort70 for their fab icons. A bucketload of love goes out to @gillybee66, @dalliel, @walterbishopfan and @sujeto13 for their AWESOME #TakeTheLead vids! And to Nikolai3d a big thanks for keeping us updated with all the stats our big Fringie hearts desire.
    And to our AWESOME Fringe fandom …… well if i could hug each and every one of you i would. Lets keep showing the world just how much we love our show.

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