Sharing The Love of Fringe with Others

We’ve been doing so much talking about sponsors and trending, that sometimes it feels like that we’re forgetting what brought us all to this point to begin with – the show.  We love to talk about why we feel it is something special. Some folks on an individual basis may try to include Fringe in online conversations about other shows. I have often cross-posted on Facebook and Twitter about Fringe while talking about other shows I like, such as The X-Files and Eureka. I’d post links to Fringe promo videos on sites like a Joshua Jackson page on Facebook, and sometimes it would start a conversation about Fringe. We’ve proven that Fringe fans can accomplish things when we put our collective might together. We regularly trend on Twitter and GetGlue. We’ve attracted the attention and admiration of sponsors. Now, let’s add another aspect to our Season Five renewal operations…

 OPERATION Share The Love

An example works like this:

I like another JJ. Abams show on FOX network – Alcatraz. Tonight, I check into the show on GetGlue. But, I work Fringe into the check-in, making sure that it is tweeted and posted to my Facebook page.

This also works by trying to catch the attention of the fans of other Abrams shows or films, like LOST, Alias, Person of Interest, and Star Trek.

Tonight, the popular show Castle aired a film-noir style episode titled, Blue Butterfly. I could not help but to compare this to Fringe’s Brown Betty!

When I watch an episode of X-Files on DVD and check-in, I mention that I love the show, but Fringe is very good.

So let’s get together as a group and make an impact with others that may potentially watch our show. But keep these things in mind:

  • Do not make a pest of yourself. Engaging in informative and respectful conversation will attract interest. Being a nuisance will be a negative turn-off, the exact opposite of what we want to achieve.
  • Try to pick shows and movies that you have seen and like. Engage their fans. Basically we want to say, “Hey, I love X show… but I also love Y show. You should also try Y show. Here is why….”
  • Don’t put-down anyone else’s show. That will achieve nothing and make Fringe fans appear ugly, and we do not want to make that impression.

 The same cross-promotion strategy can also be applied to movies.

 I checked into One Week, an independent film which stars Joshua Jackson:

“Every time I see this film, I am blown away by Joshua Jackson. He’s such a great actor, but especially as Peter Bishop on Fringe on FOX.”

You can link to the official FOX site about Fringe, or Ari Margolis’ brilliant “Fringe: Past + Present + Future” video series. Be creative.

Reply to conversations that may be started. The hope is to possibly catch people that may become curious.

@dalliel and I compiled a list of movies and television shows that our Fringe cast members have appeared in. Use this to check into shows that you have seen, or are watching. (coming soon)

  It seems Fringe fans are out to use GetGlue to the maximum effect! 


Watching Live + Social Media + Thanking Sponsors + Sharing The Love = Season Five 


One Week Shutter Battle in Seattle
Bobby Shadows in the Sun Aurora Borealis
Americano Racing Stripes Cursed
I Love Your Work Lone Star State of Mind The Safety of Objects
Gossip The Skulls Cruel Intentions
Urban Legend Apt Pupil Scream 2
The Mighty Ducks Magic In The Water Andre
Dawson’s Creek Muppets in Space Lay The Favorite


The Book of Revelation The Pacific Mistresses
The Secret Life of Us McLeod’s Daughters


Risen The Last Airbender One Night With the King
Running Scared Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Lord of The Rings: The Return of the King


The Wire LOST OZ


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