Finding the Crack

“In the darkness, there’s always a crack. It’s how the light gets in.” Today has been the darkest of days. The monstrosity we’ve witnessed has left us stunned, grasping to process the unprocessable slaughter of young children. We are heartbroken, … Continue reading

Social Fringe Fans: Shaping the Future of Television Viewing, Marketing and Interaction

This past week, a Social TV Summit was held that included 200 television industry executives. What does this have to do with Fringe, you may ask? The answer is that the emergence of this activity – which blends watching television … Continue reading

The Science of Fringenuity

  Fringe fans, we’re doing something new. Something big. With the organization still in its infancy, Fringenuity’s twin Twitter/GetGlue campaigns have garnered overwhelming support from fans across the globe, as well as official recognition from the studios involved. Since the … Continue reading

Weekly Twitter/GetGlue Campaign Guide

  TWITTER EVENT PROTOCOL The hashtags will be announced by the Tuesday preceding an original air date.   First: The event will now take place 1 hour before Fringe airs. It is now 8pm EST. Second: We are asking that … Continue reading

Sharing The Love of Fringe with Others

We’ve been doing so much talking about sponsors and trending, that sometimes it feels like that we’re forgetting what brought us all to this point to begin with – the show. ¬†We love to talk about why we feel it … Continue reading

Introducing: Fringenuity

So we’ve been doing this for awhile now: organizing ad hoc campaigns in an attempt to bring some of the fandom together and promote our favorite show. We started small – a few Skype meetings, GetGlue check ins, and lots … Continue reading

Not Nielsen: How to Overcome Invisibility

  Everyone knows that TV shows live or die by their Nielsen ratings. A month into the season, several shows have already been axed due to their lack of performance in the ratings system, and several more are in imminent … Continue reading