#BreakingOut Breakthroughs – Campaign Report

I do not think that I can reiterate just how wonderful this fandom really is.  In our fifth venture in creating social media buzz for our show, we selected #BreakingOut, cheering for our Fringe team to escape the “Mobius-banded” town of Westfield, population 584. I can confidently say that we had 3 times that number of Fringies participating in our twitter event February 17th amplifying our tweet reach to more than 760,000 individuals. Fringies tweeted excitedly and patiently and in minute fifteen of the event, we hit the Worldwide trending topics by storm claiming the #2 (non-promoted) spot. You will notice a certain AMC show was being promoted to the top position – a spot that is paid for by beaucoup bucks while Fringies are gifting that social buzz for Fringe out of love. #BreakingOut stayed trending over 20 minutes hitting also trending topics in the United States and in the “discover” tab on twitter.

#BreakingOut trending Worldwide


#BreakingOut trending in the US


#BreakingOut trending in Vancouver


Teasy picture supplied by @jonxproductions


So this makes our twitter trending success rate 5/5 to date. I hope you all keep your enthusiasm up for the events and for watching the show live. Consistent success will earn us the right attention for the show.

Something of interest to note are the descriptions/explanations associated with the hash tag #BreakingOut (for Echofon users). It is a mystery to us here at Fringenuity who enters these descriptions but we are glad someone is keeping their eye on this fandom. If you know how these trending topic explanations are created, drop us a note @Fringenuity or fringenuity@gmail.com and let us know because we think this “phenomena” is pretty cool![QUESTION ANSWERED IN RECORD TIME BY FRINGIE. Thanks @bubblevillefan :)]

GetGlue update: I hope you will never tire hearing that Fringe got top numbers in check-ins on Friday but the facts are the facts.

Tweet statistics (provided by @Nikolai3d):

With slight less number of tweets this week, we were still generating over 4.4 million social impressions. A key thing to remember regarding social media campaigns, we’re here to generate noise to make non-Fringies  wonder, the network and studio consider voices not captured by Nielsen boxes, and if we happen to sway a viewer with a Nielsen box to give Fringe a chance, that would be icing on the cake.

I see some of you express disappointment regarding ratings but realize that last point is not the main objective of these campaigns and there are other means networks are looking at viewership. Do not get discouraged, rather, get creative and think outside the box.

So here is another idea. There are plenty of Fringe viewers that still do not know about our efforts. RTs of the campaigns help but we want to continue to extend our reach. Search the #Fringe tag to find new Fringies who love the show and inform them directly of our Twitter and GetGlue campaigns. Our challenge to you is to try to get 3-5 new Fringies to either join our Twitter trending campaigns, to “like” the sponsors on Facebook, or tell them to check-in with GetGlue during the show. Remember one of the objectives is to continue to unite the fandom and continue to build our voice for a more impactful message.

Promo Vids: @dalliel, @gillybee66, and @walterbishopfan,- playlist here

Icon packs: @zort70, @Cheribot

Notable tweets:

For a second week, @FringeOnFox used our hash tag right before show airings on the East and West coasts.

A local FOX station in Maine (@FOXTV23) also picked up on our activities and complimented Fringe fandom and sent out a couple of tweets with the hash tag for the week.

And @WarnerBrosEnt sent some love to fandom as well.

We continue to be grateful to @jonxproductions for his amazing “Fans Ask” interviews with cast and his support of fandom and show as well.

Fringies, keep up that spooky action at a distance.


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