One Way or Another, Fringe Fans Get the Job Done! – #AnotherWay Trend Results

There are many many things I love about Fringe fandom but one that I am consistently astounded by is the consistency and devotion it has shown Fringe twitter social media events. Many would say, there is no need to continue … Continue reading

#TheyAreHere – Fringe Fans Return En Masse to Twitter to Support Premiere

Since the renewal announcement for a final season of Fringe, the Fringenuity team discussed the social media campaigns and how to proceed for the last season. We definitely wanted to continue to show our support for Fringe. However, we also … Continue reading

Campaign Results for #WorldsApart April 27th

As promised, this is the first of the last three post on the Fringe campaigns using social networks to voice our support of Fringe. The episode “Worlds Apart” marked the first episode back after Joel Wyman came on twitter to … Continue reading

Campaign Results for #FightTheFuture April 20th

Dear Fringies, I apologize for the lateness of this post. Real life has a way of interfering when you are trying to geek out over your favorite show. But without further ado, here is the information from the #FightTheFuture campaign … Continue reading

Reaching #AcrossTheUniverse and Uniting Fringies – Campaign Results for April 13th

Sorry in the delay in getting this information up but it is all good news I promise! In the eleventh campaign aimed at raising awareness of the large Fringe fandom that exists in social spaces not (yet) covered by Nielsen’s, … Continue reading

#FaceYourself – Campaign Results for April 6th

The groans from fandom was palpable when Nielsen ratings dipped to a 1.0 for the episode “Everything in its Right Place” featuring both the Lincoln Over Here and the one Over There. The truth is April 6th was the beginning … Continue reading

#ChangeYourWorld One Tweet at a Time – Campaign Results

Fringies, I am incredibly moved when I see the tracker data for #ChangeYourWorld during the Fringe Twitter Event. You are an amazing and dedicated fandom and we keep gaining Fringe the exposure it deserves in this Social TV experiment that … Continue reading

#WhereYouBelong – Fringies come back strong on Twitter and GetGlue Campaigns

Screencap obtained from Truly, the best experience on Friday March 23rd, 2012 during the airing of “A Short Story About Love” was watching tweet reactions as fans witnessed the #WhereYouBelong tag on the bottom right corner of the screen … Continue reading

#LoveIsTheAnswer – A Heartfelt Response from Fringies

February 24th marked the airing of Fringe episode 4.14 “The End of All Things”. The hash tag #LoveIsTheAnswer was selected not only because the 14th episode of each season has had “Peter and Olivia”-centric themes but because it represents many of … Continue reading

Trending #BeABetterMan – A Phenomenal Outcome

I still feel the rush when tracking this hash tag for the February 17th Fringe twitter event. Chosen for the lesson imparted to Peter by his mother, we were optimistic that these four words would not only carry the message of thousands … Continue reading