Clean Water Initiative, over $1500 raised!

Fringe Fans Acting at a Distance: Sending the Gift of Clean Water ‘Over There’

During the past few weeks, we were discussing ways for Fringe fans to make an impact in our world. With such a deeply passionate and cohesive group of people, there is an amazing opportunity for each of us to harness our energies to do good for the planet and other people. The Fringe cast are great supporters of various charities/causes. Each of the Fringenuity team also feels strongly about giving back for a better world. And we know you all do!

Everyone has their favorite charities, but we came to the conclusion that there is one that we can agree on – water is a basic need for every human being- everywhere.

Today is World  Water Day.  What better way to start a series of Fringe Fans Acting at a Distance then to coordinate efforts to provide people with clean drinking water?

We’re planning for a coordinated effort to support Oxfam International’s efforts to provide the necessities of life to disadvantaged people. There is a relatively inexpensive and effective way to do so.

We’re asking that Fringe fans donate $14 for the purchase of a “Clean Water Jar” that can provide safe water for drinking, cooking and bathing to families in Cambodia. Our very own Emma (@dalliel) spent some time there and saw the need firsthand.

Anna Torv is also an advocate for this item:


  • Once registered, you’ll be sent an email with a link that you need to click to confirm your registration.
  • Select the quantity of Clean Water Jars you’d like to donate, and “Add to Cart.”
  • You may Tweet or send a post to Facebook about this item. Be sure to add the tag #FringeFansCare to your Tweet.

  • When you are ready, please select an e-card to send.
  • The recipient should be Peter Roth, Warner Bros. Entertainment President. email address is –
  • Include a message about a gift being given on behalf of Fringe fans everywhere. My example:

A small gift on behalf of Fringe fans.

“Sometimes the world we have is not the world we want. But we have our hearts and our imaginations to make the best of it.”

  • Make Payment and complete your tax-deductible gift.

Thanks for taking a look. Now let’s see how many Clean Water Jars Fringe fans can obtain by the season finale! Tag your tweet #FringeFansCare.

If you don’t have Twitter, send us an email at to let us know about your donation.




Clean Water Initiative, over $1500 raised! — 43 Comments

  1. Purchased 😀

    Great cause not least because supported by Anna but also, to make any small improvement on those less fortunate. Fringe fans do care!

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