Icon Packs and Banners – April 6th #Fringe Twitter Event

You guys must be super excited to see the Alternate Universe this Friday! Either that looking forward to a double dose of Lincolns. Here are all the wonderful icons you can choose from this Friday for twitter event! Please note file names with .gif or “ani” in title of the files are ANIMATED icons!

We have EIGHT wonderful sets from great and different talents this week:

Examples from @Cheribot:



Download Cheri’s icons here – Cheribot – FY.zip

Examples from @SarahProost:



Download Sarah’s icons here – SP – FY.zip

Examples from @zort70:


Download Ian’s icons here – zort70 – FY.zip

Examples from @michisuzette:


Download Michi’s icons here – MS – FY.zip

Examples from @PietroVescovo:


Download Pietro’s icons here – PV – FY.zip

Examples from @goldenmonkey:


Download Goldenmonkey’s icons here – Goldenmonkey – FY.zip

Examples from @SercanErdogan:


Download Sercan’s icons here – SE – FY.zip

Last minute additions! Icons from @Alart6:


Download Alex’s icons here: Alart6 – FY.zip


Also, @frozenaura again has created some wonderful banners that you can use to help spread the word about the campaigns:

And finally, this week’s Fringe cake, courtesy of @cryptimaging:

We are grateful to all the artists who donate their time and effort to get these icons and banners out for Fringe fandom. Dare to Face Yourself this Friday and continue to spread Fringe in all realms social media platforms. Enjoy!


Icon Packs and Banners – April 6th #Fringe Twitter Event — 20 Comments

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