#ChangeYourWorld One Tweet at a Time – Campaign Results

Fringies, I am incredibly moved when I see the tracker data for #ChangeYourWorld during the Fringe Twitter Event. You are an amazing and dedicated fandom and we keep gaining Fringe the exposure it deserves in this Social TV experiment that we started in January.

First, some outstanding news from FOX. The network has decided to embed the Fringenuity Twitter Campaign hashtags in the remaining episodes of this season (click here for the Variety article). This is an amazing gesture to fans that have supported the show – if you ever thought that the network was not paying attention because you were not a Nielsen viewer, now is the time to change your mind. I am convinced more than ever that networks are looking at this data and trying to come up with ways to leverage this rich information on audience and viewing patterns. I encourage all of you to continue to participate in these social media campaign events and spread the word because a united voice of fandom IS bringing positive attention to the show we love so dearly.

Sometimes it scares me that the hashtags appear to trend with ease because I know it does take a real united effort to make this happen and to keep up the tweets and propagate them through twitterverse is not as simple as you guys make it look. #ChangeYourWorld hit Worldwide trend within 5 minutes of event launch. However, fandom, you kept the momentum high and #ChangeYourWorld was trending easily for at least 40 minutes. Here is a snapshot of where the hashtag trended in various countries.






Here is the hashtag still lingering in the discover tab of twitter hours after the event.

And Fringe continues to top GetGlue check-ins on Fridays.

For those that have an iPhone, Viggle has a free app that can track the show you are watching via audio detection. It is another way you can show you are watching Fringe and you can earn points towards rewards (e.g. Starbucks gift card). Here is a screencap of what the check-in looks like:

Key Stats (tracker by Hashtracking):

Tweets:  43.7K
Contributors:  17.5K
Reach:  13.9M
Exposure: 30.0M

We increased our reach from the last campaign by over 2 million!

What I am excited about. A few months back, when we were still learning how to run these campaigns, we were knew we were trending the hashtag fine but wanted a closer association with the show. We asked all of you to include Fringe in your tweets along with the hashtags and all of you responded. Here is the difference in comparing campaigns from #BeABetterMan and #LoveIsTheAnswer with the last two campaigns using #WhereYourBelong and #ChangeYourWorld. As you can see, the use of “Fringe” has shot up and coincides with the hashtags.

And although you will never see “Fringe” trending due to how twitter algorithms work, this data IS being collected. Here is an example from Bluefin Labs, a social analytics company that collects data on social TV (and not suprisingly, TV networks are among its many clients). On March 30th, Fringe was number 1 among “TV Shows Everyone is Talking About”.

*The number in light gray represents total number of social media comments about a show airing via social media. The number in dark gray represents the number of unique individuals that commented about a show airing via social media.

Keep up the great work with social media campaigns and tweet on Fringies!

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Notable Tweets:


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  1. I love that our Friday night “competition” Grimm, had barely a blip on Twitter according to Blufin. 😀

    Fringies will change the way TV viewership is recorded!

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