Icon Packs, Banners, and Fringie Goodies – May 4th Fringe Campaign

We have only 2 more episodes to show why this fandom is so very special in the way we unite together! We would love to see Fringies send off season 4 with a huge (Big) Bang – not of the variety that David Robert Jones is thinking of, but one that will cause waves through social media. It is what we’ve been doing all along and it is what help secure us Season 5.

There are a lot of goodies this week in addition to icons and banners so get to downloading and showcasing!

Examples from @Cheribot:


Download Cheri’s icons here – DBD – Cheribot.zip

Examples from @SarahProost (2 styles to choose from!):



Download Sarah’s icons here – DBD – SarahProost.zip

Examples from @zort70:


Download Ian’s icons here – DBD – zort70.zip

From @PietroVescovo the following animated .gif icon is offered (click on image to see animation effects):

@greyandsmart offers this set of icons below:


From @sercanerdogan (2 icon styles to choose from):



Download Sercan’s icons here – DBD – SercanErdogan.zip

This week talented Fringies created 2 banner designs that can be used to spread the word about campaigns.

Design by @Flow_L:

Design by @wombat06:


We have a couple of fans that offer up other media to Fringie up your world.

@LauraRacero has created the following wallpaper for your desktop, ipad/tablet, iphone/smartphone screen (mockup images shown below):


Download Laura’s wallpapers here: Fringe – LauraRacero

@N3OMOD has created ample userbanners, facebook covers, and twitter skins for your consideration (a very small sample shown – go to http://theoutofmind.it to view full collection and download links).

Full collection can also be downloaded here – DBD – N3OMOD.zip

As always, we cannot thank you enough for your level of enthusiasm and engagement with these campaigns. It maybe be #DarkestBeforeDawn, but we Fringies are resilient and we will see this wonderful social media campaign experience through! See you all on Twitter and GetGlue Friday. 🙂


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