Campaign Results for #FightTheFuture April 20th

Dear Fringies, I apologize for the lateness of this post. Real life has a way of interfering when you are trying to geek out over your favorite show. But without further ado, here is the information from the #FightTheFuture campaign for episode 4.19 “Letters in Transit”.

The hashtag hit worldwide trends within first ten minutes of event start and trended solidly for approximately 40 minutes. We are noticing a trend where the hashtag reappears again during show start as second wave of Fringies tweet along after seeing the hashtag on the bottom of their TV screens.

Some screencaps of #FightTheFuture trending in various countries: (Please note, I try to capture what I can between 5pm & 6pm EST so the position of the hashtag on the trend may not necessarily reflect the highest level of trending it hits in countries listed. We also know there are delayed effects due to time zone differences.)







If you note closely, that last screencap shows William Bell popping up on the worldwide trends after that incredible reveal of him trapped in amber.

Fringe also made its way into the worldwide topics on the Discovery tab.

And here is Fringe with a comfortable lead in GetGlue check-ins.

Tweet Stats (from @hashtracking):

Tweets: 34.4K
Contributors: 7.0K
Reach: 3.3M
Exposure: 13.1M

Social TV information from 3 analytics companies:

Bluefin Labs:

Notable tweets:

Fringies, there are only 2 episodes left this season where we can convey our passion for the show through Fringenuity campaigns and show our gratitude to FOX for their strong engagement with fandom.  The hashtag for Part 1 of the Season Finale (May4th) is #DarkestBeforeDawn.  Let’s continue to prove why this fandom is so wonderful and mattered enough to play a role in Fringe’s renewal for Season 5.


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