The Fringe Event Update

Here is an update and some information about The Fringe Event fan get-together that takes place August 10-12 in Vancouver, Canada. The entire Fringenuity team will be in attendance.

  • Seventy tickets have been sold. Thirty (30) tickets remain. If all 100 tickets sell, Fringe fans will raise $5,000 in charity for OxFam Canada. What a great way for Fringe fans to make a better world!
  • There are fans attending from all over the world–as far away from Vancouver as Russia, Australia, Singapore, France and the UK.
  • Cast and Crew have been invited, and some have expressed interest in attending, but nothing is Official yet. We will not know anything for sure about possible guests until after their summer holidays.

Check out the Event website, and follow @TheFringeEvent on Twitter for updates.

Even if you cannot attend, we’d appreciate it if you would spread the word to others in the Fringe community. Thanks!


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