The Bridge Fanzine Submission Guidelines

The submissions window for The Bridge is officially open!!! You have from now until Monday, July 2, to send your submissions to:

Please keep in mind that this is the first issue- if your submission doesn’t make it in, do no be discouraged! It may appear in future issues. If your submission is selected for issue 1, you will be contacted. Since this is a fan project, you retain all your material’s rights. The Bridge is a way to share what the fandom is doing with each other, and Fringenuity is simply distributing your awesome work! Here are the guidelines for submission:

-Please include your name as you want it to appear (nicknames are fine!). You may also include any website info, your twitter handle, or an e-mail address. You don’t have to include these, but it is strongly encouraged, especially the twitter handle 🙂

-If submitting an article or something written, please send it as a Word or Pages file- NOT a pdf! I’m not going to tell you how long it should be, as different submissions may be different lengths (for example, an article versus a fic). Please also keep in mind that these submissions may be edited for length, spelling etc. and you will be contacted about any small changes made. Like any other magazine, any edits made are done to make your submission the best it can be, and so it physically fits within the format of the ‘The Bridge ‘zine. If there is a picture that goes with your article, please send that as well, but please adhere to the artwork guidelines below.

-If sending artwork, please remember that this is a digital distribution, so your files don’t have to be 300dpi. I’m pretty open when it comes to file formats, but do NOT send a pdf. Artwork can mean anything visual- photos (and photos of artwork, like sculptures, cakes, etc.), illustrations, comics, crafty things- whatever you can think of!

-For videos, .swf and any H.264 file formats can be embedded right into the ‘zine document. Audio files can also be embedded, as well. Please e-mail if you are thinking about submitting one of these, as these files are much bigger. Instructions will be given on how and where to send these files.

-Feel free to submit more than once, and submit different materials.

-By submitting your materials, you understand that this a not-for-profit fan project, and that Fringenuity does not claim to own anything you did- we are here simply to get it out there into the Fringie world! You own all the rights to what you submitted, so feel free to post it on your own websites, as well. The Bridge itself will also disclaim that this is indeed a fan project, and that we are in no way directly affiliated with Fringe, Fox or Warner Brothers. We just love our show and like to get creative about how much we love it!

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail The Bridge at the e-mail above, or tweet @Fringenuity or myself, @CheriBot. Remember, submissions can be pretty much anything! Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with- Good Luck!


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