Presentation from The Fringe Event

This is an excerpt from The Fringe Event program:

One of the best things about Fringe is that the show inspires creativity in the fanbase. We’re a passionate bunch, and use many outlets to express our affection for our special show. Fans create art of all kinds, write fan-fiction, blog, create podcasts, and make videos about Fringe. The Fringe Event is a celebration of this very inspirational and special show; one that will live in the hearts of its fans for a lifetime.  My experiences as a fan, and with Fringenuity, inspired me to write a history of the Fringe fandom—which I plan to release before the end of this year.  To kick things off for the weekend, I will be giving a presentation that highlights some of the many fan initiatives, projects, and other creative works that have been inspired by Fringe.

The Fringe Network—Where Is Peter Bishop?—Fringenuity’s social media campaigns

These are just a few exemplary examples of how the Fringe fandom came together in order to show our love for the show. What we may have lacked in Nielsen numbers, we made up for it by being vocal and passionate. Fringe brought us together and created a special bond; not only between fans, but also with cast, crew, and the showrunners. I hope that you’ll enjoy this glimpse into how the most reciprocal relationship in television came to be.

The presentation was verbal and very much from the heart, so the effect felt by the audience will not transfer well, but here is the PowerPoint that I used for my discussion of the Fringe fandom:

The Fringe Event Presentation

There were cheers and tears when the Where is Peter Bishop video played.  Click here for an interview with the video editor.





Plenty of laughs for “The Angry Fringe Birds” cartoons, and cheers for fanfiction, videos and the hashtag campaigns.

Thanks to everyone that made the past few years some of the most inspiring that I’ve experienced in my life. Lifelong friendships—that cross continents—have been forged because of this epic story. I look forward to writing a history of all that we’ve achieved as a massively quantum-entangled force.

Family is who you choose, and Fringe fans will always be part of mine.

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  2. beyond what would have been expected of them! And in allot of ways there is a almost comic book hero’s way about the cast especially the Olivia’s, but also Walter and Peter! If you think of Super Hero’s like X Men, Walter is almost like Xavier and Bell or Jones like a Magneto, and Olivia well if going by the movie like Jean Grey kinda, and Peter is kinda both Wolverine or Cyclops because of they both were in love with Jean Grey in the film! I think that this is why there is such a huge fanbase for Fringe, people see it as people who love the super hero’s in comics, that the characters are like super hero’s! I mean they are trying to save the world all the time aren’t they, so doesn’t that sound like what super hero’s do? Just my thought!lol!

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