The Final #Fringe Events: Celebrating the Finale with a Bang — 13 Comments

  1. Wow. So much has happened here… 🙂 It’s been AMAZING… and it’ll never end! Great to be associated with you all!

  2. I had know idea there was this huge community for Fringe. The few people I talked to seemed not to care so I assumed not to many people watched it. I can’t believe it almost didn’t get a final season. Better late then never so I am participating in the twitter event and maybe the stuff from Fringe Week.

  3. My story is the story of a crazy group of spanish speaker who get together on twitter we are call the #TripiCrew there are two sections in our group both totally crazy the writers and the Supervisers, some of us write fanfics and some read it but most we stick together we became friends for each other, It begin when I wrote my first fic a couple of month ago, like 8 months or so, I got a review of it, it was going to be a one shot but a cortexi encourge me to keep writing it, and a wonderful fic happend before i can tell, so many more reviews came and we became friends on twitter and then on facebook and now everywhere, we even made a hangout on google to virtual meet each other and we are planning on doing another one, we have as you say different ages and we came from different countries but we are all fringies and we are crazy, our name the #tripicrew is because we do not need any help to make trips with our mind it comes naturally and well we are a crew so.
    I must name the forum of the cow @qlavacadfringef as we call it, a spanish source for Fringies, and a great place to read spanish fanfics
    @Marieme27 @MsPaoperez @rochii_25 @bk79 @Alma_Flamenca_ @DaniOTHfan @INievezI @VJuniorVasquez @aycarron

  4. I became hooked on Fringe from the first episode! I somehow found my way to this very page and learned about the Twitter events. I had my 20 year old daughter, who watches the show with me, help me create my Twitter page, dedicated to Fringe. I learned how to use Twitter so I could join in and it became my favourite thing to do on a Friday night and also through the week, while I waited for the next Fringe Friday! I have been known to leave a few friends at the pub on a Friday night, saying I have to go…. Fringe is on! Thank you for everything you have done and WOW what a Fringe-tastic ride this has been! Fringe Forever!

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