#FringePix: Seeing the World Through a Fringie Lens

We are delighted and moved that so many of you shared your #FringeConfessions we’ve decided to engage Fringies in a visual project. We have monitored tweets and we know that many of you sometimes adopt a “Fringie” lens when looking at the world. So we want you to capture what a Fringe world looks like through your eyes. What do you see in your surrounding environment, in people around you, in everyday things that remind you of Fringe? Take a picture of anything that reminds you of Fringe. These should be real life pictures and not screencaptures of the show or any other show.

In the link below, we have a list to get you motivated but we know by far, you guys will come up with things even more creative! The list is for ideas only, the pictures you take will be from your own inspiration! Pictures do not necessarily need to evoke only one theme or character from the show and can encompass broader themes. Tweet out your pictures with the following hash tag #FringePix (and include a brief explanation if the connection to Fringe is not obvious) or submit them to Fringenuity@gmail.com. We’ll collate the submissions we get in an online photo album to share with all.

Ideas for #FringePix

Get snapping Fringies 🙂


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