A Very “Very” Short Story about Love – Fringe Twitter Contest

We’ve suffered enough March madness with the Fringe hiatus and are all super excited for the return of the a brand new episode of Fringe on March 23rd entitled “A Short Story About Love”.  To celebrate Fringe’s return to our TV screens, we are launching a contest linked to the title of the episode.

Fringies can talk endlessly about the show but can you write a short story about the love and related it to Fringe in 7 words? Yes, you read correctly, SEVEN WORDS.

The rules are simple. Tweet a seven-word (no more and no less) short story about love and catch our attention with the hash tag #VeryShortLoveStory. Again, this is not restricted to romantic love and can point to the multiple themes of love found on the show. For example, love of a child, love of a parent, love of science (even if it is mad science). You can make your story serious, humorous, suspenseful, etc.

Contest begins March 16th (now) and ends March 23rd (4:59pm, i.e. right before the start of social media campaigns). We will select three winners. Multiple entries will be accepted but you can only win once. Plagiarism of any kind will result in disqualification of entrant and all associated submissions.

What we will look for in your short story: character, conflict, resolution,  (place if you can squeeze it in) and of course, its link to Fringe.

The prize. Each winner will receive a set of these (pictured below):

That’s right – BUTTONS of the twitter campaigns you’ve made so successful!

Get your foil thinking hats on Fringies. 🙂


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